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Mattresspricer is a leading online platform that provides mattress manufacturers with a cutting-edge pricing tool to stay ahead of the competition. We wanted to create a website that showcases our innovative product and attracts more customers. We chose Zivanta Analytics, a data analytics and consulting company that delivers actionable insights plus solutions.

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CouponKnight is an online platform that helps users find the best product coupons and deals. We aim to save our users time and money by offering discount coupons from hundreds of online stores/ brands/ service providers.

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Improved Credit

Improved Credit is a website that provides credit counseling, debt management, as well as financial education services to help clients improve credit scores or attain their financial goals.

Our website was created by Zivanta Analytics, a data analytics & consulting company that delivers actionable insights from raw data.

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MyServiceMac is a website that provides mortgage servicing solutions to homeowners as well as lenders. Our website was created by Zivanta Analytics, a data analytics & consulting company that helps businesses leverage data to improve their performance.

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Housing and Credit Counseling

We are Housing and Credit Counseling, Inc. (HCCI), a housing and credit counseling agency located in Topeka, Kansas (HUD-approved). Our mission is to provide quality education as well as counseling on housing or credit issues for individuals/families. We offer services such as tenant counseling, mortgage default counseling, eviction prevention, and bankruptcy education.
We wanted to create a website to showcase our services, inform our clients, or reach out to our community. That’s why we chose Zivanta Analytics, a data analytics & consulting company specializing in creating web portals and custom interfaces for the financial services or social sectors. Zivanta Analytics helped us develop a user-friendly, responsive, informative website that reflects our values and vision. They also provided us with services on digital marketing, content management, SEO, email marketing, data mining, and analytics. This is how they monitored our website performance, tracked our outcomes, and improved our marketing strategy.
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Bengali Association of Minnesota (BAM)

At Bengali Association of Minnesota (BAM), a non-profit organization, we help build a closer relationship among the members of the community within the State of Minnesota. Our mission is to preserve and cherish the heritage, philosophy, culture and traditions of Bengal. Moreover we organize various events and activities throughout the year, such as Saraswati Puja, Durga Puja, and Kavita Krishnamurti Concert.
We always wanted to create a website that would showcase our mission, events, activities, as well as publications. Our aim was fixated to have a user-friendly, responsive, attractive design that would appeal to our members or visitors.
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NFCC – Financial health for the rest of us

Since 1951, the National Foundation for Credit Counseling® (NFCC®) has helped millions of people lead a more financially fit life. As the largest and longest-serving nonprofit financial counseling organization in the U.S., our mission is to help all Americans gain control over their finances.

Deposit Rate Analytics

About the Product

Aggregation of deposit rate product information across all major traditional banks and some key online banks is what Zivanta started with, as its maiden product suite. Over time, as we started covering all major bank products i.e. Certificate of Deposits, Checking, Money Market and Savings, offered by the banks in the U.S, we also started expanding geography wise and institution wise.

The Challenge

As an analytical solutions provider, the main challenge of Zivanta is to show real-time updated rates & APY to the customer, so that they can take proper pricing decision. Another challenge is also to track whether any existing or new product of the bank is removed or added to their list. Tracking real time correct data was our main target over the period of time, which we ultimately built by applying proper algorithms into place.

The Approach

We have also built several proprietary algorithms that we use in our bank rating and product rating indexes. Using these indexes, we compile bank health reports and consumer focused e-magazines and bulletins about rate fluctuations, new added features of a product or a bank, tracking recent developments in product and pricing, besides state wide averages, policies, and regulations.

The Outcome

Today, Zivanta is one of the leading financial rate and information aggregators of the web, crawling over 60 banks across 4 deposit product categories. In addition to rate data, we also publish original and objective personal finance stories to help consumers make informed financial decisions.