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Deposit Rate Analytics

About the Product

Aggregation of deposit rate product information across all major traditional banks and some key online banks is what Zivanta started with, as its maiden product suite. Over time, as we started covering all major bank products i.e. Certificate of Deposits, Checking, Money Market and Savings, offered by the banks in the U.S, we also started expanding geography wise and institution wise.

The Challenge

As an analytical solutions provider, the main challenge of Zivanta is to show real-time updated rates & APY to the customer, so that they can take proper pricing decision. Another challenge is also to track whether any existing or new product of the bank is removed or added to their list. Tracking real time correct data was our main target over the period of time, which we ultimately built by applying proper algorithms into place.

The Approach

We have also built several proprietary algorithms that we use in our bank rating and product rating indexes. Using these indexes, we compile bank health reports and consumer focused e-magazines and bulletins about rate fluctuations, new added features of a product or a bank, tracking recent developments in product and pricing, besides state wide averages, policies, and regulations.

The Outcome

Today, Zivanta is one of the leading financial rate and information aggregators of the web, crawling over 60 banks across 4 deposit product categories. In addition to rate data, we also publish original and objective personal finance stories to help consumers make informed financial decisions.

D2E Consulting

Case Synopsis

Zivanta designed a platform to promote D2E, as an Offshore outsourcing Aggregator, which delivers clear, focused and measurable results. Zivanta developed a partnership approach and has evolved with the client. The process began with identifying the key marketing elements which consisted of identifying the goals, recognizing challenges and a clear understanding of the target demographics. The next step involved the creation and maintenance of an effective website platform it is the hub of all online marketing activity and lead generation. The next step was to bring in new qualified visitors to the site with the help of blogs, content in the form of news, social media integration and onsite and offsite SEO. This is an ongoing process and constant monitoring is required for its success.

About the client

D2E is an Offshore Outsourcing ecosystem for IT services. It is managed by industry veterans who have set up some of the largest Offshore Development Centers in the world including the likes of GE and several prominent Wall Street institutions. They are based out of their offices in the United States and India.D2E further provides a single window for all IT Offshore Outsourcing requirements. It brings in the best in class professionals and partners in turnkey software application development and maintenance, managed services, software quality assurance testing and software consulting. Each D2E leader has honed their skills on the job, handling complex multi-million dollar projects. They are considered thought leaders in their respective domains by their peers and are sought after for advice and mentorship. They give honest and studied opinion and provide solutions which are transformational for clients.

The Challenge

The biggest challenge involved designing the website in such a way as to generate lead and draw in more customers. The website’s performance was also high on the list of priorities. It’s an asset that works around the clock to draw in visitors, convert them, and helps in hitting the target. The issues with website management include a variety of different factors, from writing and optimizing the content to designing beautiful web pages. The biggest challenge was to market and attract an international audience and increase footfall.

The Approach

Having a diverse marketing approach that incorporates multiple strategies is an optimal way to achieve short term and long term goals. In line with the objectives, SEO optimization to boost and position the website is one of the most critical points. It was utilized for-

  • Social Media Marketing –Various social media sites are used to create awareness about D2E Consulting and to increase its web presence. It includes boost posts on Facebook, posts in Google+, LinkedIn and on Pinterest. Posts are also shared on groups related to IT and Offshore outsourcing technology.
  • Content Writing- Blogs are published weekly on the D2E website on topics related to Offshore Outsourcing Services Aggregator and also on topics which the US-based crowd would like to read on offshore outsourcing. Announcements on both past and upcoming events like Webinars are regularly put up to increase the footfall of visitors along with updates on the ecosystem community.
  • Newsletter – A weekly newsletter consisting of blogs, tech news, offshore outsourcing news, partner news, infographics, and announcements.(All information are taken from the D2E website). They go a long way in building relationships and maintaining a regular contact with prospective clients.  Newsletter content builds a broader picture and encourages readers to find out more detailed information on the company website.

The Outcome

  • The D2E website is performing well to draw in visitors and the google ranking of the website has also shown a positive trend.
  • The content updated on the D2E website has increased the number of footfalls to the site by drawing in the US diaspora.


Case Synopsis

Branolia Chemical Works traditionally has not been a tech savvy company and had no worthwhile digital presence. With it setting eye on the pan-India market, a website became necessary. Branolia Chemical Works selected Zivanta Analytics to design and also market their website primarily because of its design prowess and digital marketing abilities.

About the Client

Branolia Chemical Works is a ninety-year-old company manufacturing herbal therapeutics. Inspired by the philosophy of Swadeshi , two brothers Shri Dhirendra Chandra Majumdar and Shri Pran Kumar Majumdar founded the Branolia Chemical Works in 1922 along with another sister concern Jugabarta Press. A small herbal medicine manufacturing unit was set up at Sealdah, Calcutta. Over the years, Branolia Chemicals has added to its portfolio a number of herbal products which have been well received. They include Bitocough (for cough and cold), Livonia (for better digestive outcomes) and Bellytone (to control constipation). Lead by its iconic brand Branolia, the company commands significant market share in brain tonic and cough medicine market.

The Approach

The brainstorming sessions followed on how to design and position the Branolia website.

Design: A review of the websites of competition revealed that the design philosophy was a matter of fact and straitjacket given that pharma and medicine is considered a serious topic. Zivanta Analytics turned the logic on its head and recommended that a pharma website can be colorful and trendy. The reasoning were:

  • The flagship product Branolia, is a brain tonic which has the largest market base amongst students and youth and the design preference of this group had to be kept in mind
  • The website should reflect brightness , joy and zest for life – attributes connected to health
  • There has to be a standout factor which differentiates from competition

Demonstrate Knowledge: To demonstrate that Branolia is a knowledge driven company, the synopsis of recent research from academic journals on alternate medicine and also herbal inputs which go into the manufacture of Branolia Chemical Products was to be showcased.

Incorporating existing promotion material: Branolia is a heavy advertisement spender especially on television. All the advertisement videos have been showcased on the website.

The Outcome

The achievements in the first six months of the launch of the website are as follows:

  • The site achieved the highest Alexa ranking 15631 amongst all the Indian websites
  • A number of business leads were generated which lead to atleast two new distributorships
  • Branolia achieved first-page status in Google for all its brand names i.e. Branolia, Bitocough, and Bellytone
  • It also achieved first page ranking for generic key phrases like ‘brain tonic student’
  • A number of customer queries have started coming in for the products from across the country