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Reimagine.... Reinvent.... Redesign Your Business With Zivanta Analytics

OUR WORK is a leading online platform that provides mattress manufacturers with a cutting-edge pricing tool to stay ahead of the competition. We wanted to create a website that showcases our innovative product and attracts more customers. We chose Zivanta Analytics, a data analytics and consulting company that delivers actionable insights plus solutions.

Zivanta Analytics designed our website using their data engineering, analytics, and web development expertise. They also helped us integrate our proprietary data mining algorithm that crawls rates, fees, and features of deposit products. The company provides ongoing support and maintenance, ensuring our website is always up-to-date and secure.

Thanks to Zivanta Analytics, we have a website that reflects our brand identity, showcases our product features, and engages our target audience. We have seen a significant increase in web traffic, conversions, and customer satisfaction. Zivanta Analytics is recommended to anyone looking for a data-driven and professional web development partner.