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Data and Analytics

Data and Analytics is a complicated process that contributes to drawing out lost specifics from data. It starts with the individual approach of topical research and summarization, where large data accumulations are reduced into compact and practical data based on the respective fields of interest.

Data And Analytics

Data and Analytics is a complex system of finding details lost in the numbers. It starts with an individual way of field study research and is shortly discussed, where large amounts of data are reduced through visual resolution to the most essential and educational data based on the respective field of interest.

Via statistical and quantitative analytical tools, more patterns, tendencies, or insights are discovered from the data, which can direct companies toward better strategic decisions.

Financial modeling, in general, is a procedure to derive conclusions and financial projections based on a set of assumptions in addition to past and current financial data.

The calculations of returns on investments (ROI) and dashboard reports’ reports provide stakeholders with a comprehensive understanding of the performance of different projects and initiatives in a more transparent manner. Additionally, it gives the workers the power to get the data and make well-grounded decisions, which in turn helps improve the processes and growth of the business.

Through data and analytics, organizations can use accurately collected information to obtain minimum spending.

Topical Research and Summarization

Zivanta Analytics is the leader in Topical Research and Summarization, which is one of the important aspects of our Data and Analytics offerings. Our experienced researchers explore different fields; we obtain the needed data from numerous sources. We apply state-of-the-art methods and tools to extract patterns and insights from the data. Our meticulous summarization creates concise and meaningful summaries of important information that assist our clients in making better decisions. Zivanta Analytics provides research outputs focused on accuracy, relevance, and timeliness. The results suit our client’s needs and goals, providing a basis for informed strategy development and business success.


Zivanta Analytics offers a Data and Analytics service based on two major components: Statistical and Quantitative Methods. Our super-expert analysts apply cutting-edge statistical methods to discover the data’s trends, patterns, and correlations. By conducting careful investigations, we supply integrated operational intelligence that is web-based and helps our customers make accurate decisions and strategies. Our approach ranges from descriptive statistics to statistical modeling and hypothesis testing. These methods quite often transform obscure data into comprehensive knowledge and, thus, reveal hidden opportunities. Zivanta analytics is a company that concentrates on statistics and quantitative analysis. The expectation of this job is that the customers will get accurate, valid, and necessary information to assist them in making rational strategies and procedures to better their businesses.

Financial Modeling

Financial Modeling is the key strength of Zivanta Analytics Analytics. It is a part of our Data and Analytics legislation. Through this approach, we use advanced modeling methods in conjunction with up-to-date software, letting our experts conduct accurate financial data prognosis and analysis. We expertly tailor economic models of budgeting, forecasting, risk analysis, and valuation to meet our clients’ desired needs and objectives. Using an investigative approach, which is outlined in a storytelling way, our findings become the very base of the financial strategy and lead to positive results. At Zivanta Analytics, we are driven by the desire to be a force for excellence in financial modeling and to offer customers the best quality models that are cost-effective and provide them with actionable and relevant financial insights to take care of and benefit from in the continuously evolving business world.


Data and Analytics services from Zivanta Analytics include in-depth ROI analysis and dashboard solutions. We use advanced analytics and modeling techniques to measure and accurately track our client’s initiatives return on investment (ROI). Our KPI dashboards, designed especially for you, show you real-time results so our stakeholders can see the data trends and make informed decisions. Via customized dashboards and actionable analytics, we equip our clients with the ability to streamline resources, increase productivity, and achieve business growth. Zivanta Analytics’ dedication to ROI analysis and Dashboard provision guarantees that customers obtain operational intelligence that intensifies the strategic effect and leads to success.