Retailers, Gen Z and TikTok…How does it Pan Out

Necessity is the word which drives the world….undoubtedly that is how it panned out for TikTok, it won’t be wrong to say that it emerged as a black horse during the pandemic. It was the year 2020, which gave the platform the much needed push, where the business owners figured out the need to tap the power of Tiktok, which wasn’t only a connecting point for understanding Gen Z and millennials but also understanding the unique ecosystem of the platform.

For instance Chipotle partnered with influencers to run food delivery promos during the superbowl ad breaks, Elf launched a TikTok based reality competition, et al. With the sales success of Ocean Spray, which had an amazing sales record thanks to the promotion of theirs getting viral on the platform, this has finally gone to prove the rising importance of TikTok, amongst the masses.

Brands have finally come to realize that with one right strategy and one right video, they can create ripples in the market and gain viral fame. With the spending power of Gen Z pegged at over $140 Billions, as well as coupled with the fact that they constitute 60% of Tiktok’s audience; undoubtedly this is a golden gate to tap into. With the growing trends of live videos and social commerce being kept in mind, the social media platform is continuing to expand its wings and thus, is offering shopping experience to its users, as was seen in its collaboration with Ntwrk, which was huge success, as it engaged Gen Z, by seamlessly integrating shopping experience with wholesome entertainment.

Though unlike other platforms, TikTok isn’t that easy and sophisticated to use, it doesn’t have time stamps and the content being dished out is based purely on analytics and algorithms, but brands have started cracking this tough code. For instance, Elf as a brand debuted with its very first dance competition and song, called as, Eyes, Lips, Face. This was the very first time any brand had used the platform for promoting its music. As per Evan Horowitz, though, unlike other platforms, brands can hardly control how their campaign would materialize on TikTok, this is because in here you are asking the audience to build commercials for you, this is scary yet challenging, at the same time.

TikTok scores a brownie point as compared to other platforms, because the way it blends entertainment with a pleasurable shopping experience, is something worth learning from and can be imitated for the conventional shopping methods. Companies can also entice youngsters and people from other age brackets by creating a differentiated proposition for consumers, for instance, this could mean collaborating on exclusive product launches, etc. The beauty and fashion brands have emerged the biggest beneficiaries, for instance brands like Aldo, NYX, L’Oreal which had organized some of the most popular challenges in the previous year, had led to their soaring popularity.

TikTok as a platform offers immense opportunities to grow, at the moment its analytics tracking isn’t that simple to use and understand as that of other platforms like Instagram and Facebook, where robust data is available to the user. But, if the ads are placed strategically, it can yield wondrous results than Instagram and Facebook, combined.  TikTok still remains a golden opportunity for business houses, as the varied communities are on the rise on this platform, hence offering multiple points of business to be tapped into, which cater to a large demographic and geographical area. With the platform largely evolving in its nature of operation, now is the time for brands to understand and analyze upon the importance of this platform.

Just one thing before you leave, promoting business interests isn’t the only thing which should be aimed at, rather, promoting safety and social interests at large of the society, too shall form a basic principle of the corporate. One such trending topic on TikTok these days is the issue of highlighting sexual harassment against women. Recently #97Percent has been trending on TikTok, which has been based on a study conducted by Unwomenuk, which highlighted that nearly 97% of females between the ages of 18-24 have experienced sexual harassment in some way or the other in public places, this is a deeply concerning figure and should ring alarm bells.  Also, as per a data collected by YouGov in a survey conducted byUN in January 2021, which featured hundreds of women pointed to another disturbing figure, stating that nearly 70% of women across all groups have been a victim of sexual harassment.

Though this issue isn’t something which can’t be resolved, but it will require making public spaces safe for ladies and this can happen only if men are educated, sensitized and even ladies are made aware of the same. It will definitely take time but the result shall be palpable. As a corporate you can spread information by your campaigns and have a massive outreach due to your sheer size and wide audience engagement, by planning the same in different ways to raise awareness amongst the public and making the society a better place to live.

Influencers….Let’s Look at Some Ways to Influence People

Being an influencer isn’t an easy job at all… it’s a job indeed. A few years ago no one had thought of it as being full-time work, but today it has changed tremendously, not only youngsters but people across all age groups are exploring opportunities here. Undoubtedly it isn’t something easy, too much of competition and too much time and effort are needed. It might seem too flashy and bright at the forefront but we truly understand the hard work you guys put in, especially by building a loyal and engaging customer base.

The best part here is that these days there are multiple avenues for you to explore and it isn’t limited to a few selected brands or agencies, also with the rise in the number of influencers, brands are leveraging them all the more. So what are you waiting for??? Let’s see how you can become a social media influencer or improve upon your current standing.

  1. Understand your expertise or area of interest- Being an influencer requires commitment and long-term persistence. It is, therefore, necessary that you should pick your area of niche’ because it should be something which you have knowledge about, have interest in, possess some level of expertise, and can create consistent content regarding it. Having some expertise in that area will be a major bonus because you will have to research and post content for it, so it is important to go with something which really excites you and you wouldn’t mind spending time on it.

      It is crucial to understand that if you opt for something which is too trending or is unique but doesn’t interest you won’t yield great results for you in the future, as your content quality might get repetitive or compromised, which won’t ensure great audience attention and retention. You can opt for anything be it adventure sports or cooking or movie reviews…the key is to keep it simple and relevant for your audience.

  1. Know your audience- The very next step in ensuring a successful journey towards being an amazing influencer is knowing who your audience is and what do they want. It’s important to build a long-term relationship and for that, your content should reach out to the relevant audience, i.e. the one interested in your niche area. In today’s times, you have access to some really helpful analytics tools to gauge the interest of your audience and their demographics. This way you can decide how to customize your content and display relevant as well as engaging content to them, so as to maintain their curiosity levels high, in the long run.
  2. Have a creative Bio- Being an influencer means how creative and interesting your content can be, to attract the audience. Therefore, your bio is like your visiting card, it should be something that is unique and quirky, which not only sets you apart but makes a great initial impression on anyone visiting your page or profile. This implies that you should be able to convey your story in an engaging manner, and most importantly, don’t forget to add your important information like contact details, area of expertise, location, etc.
  3. Most important; Content relevancy- Just creating and posting content isn’t the only thing, rather making it relevant is where the center point lies, because if the content won’t be relevant for your audience, then you can’t expect a successful run towards being a successful influencer. The higher the engagement rate with your public, the more they shall be ‘influenced’ by you, in here you need to formulate a strategy, i.e. how to approach your audience. Some influencers strictly post regarding their areas for instance a food blogger might post pictures and videos only related to food or beauty bloggers might post strictly about beauty hacks, tips, brands, DIY tricks, etc. these influencers don’t mix their personal life with this aspect. Whereas, on the other hand, some influencers to make them seem more authentic and relatable might share snippets of their personal life too, they believe this helps them build a personal connection with their followers.

     All in all, whatever strategy you follow should be your call based on proper research, but never keep it too restricted, always keep the doors open for any future collaboration to fit into your story. Your sponsored posts should fit in easily with your regular content, don’t narrow down your avenues, because you are in here for a long haul.


These are just some of the suggestions to help you kick start your career as an influencer, undoubtedly it is an interesting journey, but one which needs you to be consistent and requires persistent efforts. You can’t become a successful influencer at once, but it shall be one step at a time in the right direction…so go ahead and conquer the digital world!!!

Digital Marketing Tips for Interior Designers

Hey Interior designers, thanks to you all for making houses our homes. Your services have always been preferred by people and times have been evolving, with people now having more evolved and sophisticated tastes, as well as with so a plethora of options available in the market to revamp their abode. Times have changed and people now look for amazing services online, rather than opting for magazines or word-of-mouth, undoubtedly they carry value but online is where the actual action happens therefore, you have to be on the top of your game to ace the competition.

With the ever-increasing competition, the imperative question in front of interior designers is ‘how to reach out to the audience and market selves in the most effective manner?’ The digital platform gives a wide access to service providers and takers to use it to the optimal best and the pandemic has further reinforced that, as it has given a major boost to the digital era in gaining a foothold, hence this requires you to have a strong yet effective marketing strategy in place. There are many ways in which you can creatively reach out to your audience…so let’s start beautifying your digital marketing strategy :

  1. Sharing creative videos of your unique designs- Nothing beats an amazing audio-video and what better to grab the attention of the viewers, you can and should promote your designed items and homes, which reflect your style on various online platforms which have a high user engagement rate, be it Youtube, Instagram, etc. You can show a lot of things to people, for instance:
  • Showing your unique flair in the field by displaying your designs
  • Your portfolio which you have established or created
  • Share past users experience
  • Tap into users psychology and attract them to your business
  • Create and share design templates that can help your current and future customers in imagining and envisioning your ideas in practical space.
  1. Pinning interest on Pinterest- It is one such interesting app which provides an amazing platform to all the people in the creative field….you can use this platform to facilitate for sharing your ideas to a wide range of audience, this not only allows you to share your multitude of pictures and works creatively but also keeps an open space to function creatively, here are these ways to use the platform;
  • Once done with creating your account you can upload pictures of your work
  • Use relevant and engaging titles to attract the audience, to not only capture their interest but also pop up in relevant searches
  • Use clear HD pictures to let the users have a clear idea of your shared designs
  • Keep on sharing content on a regular basis, to engage your loyal audience

You can develop a varied and enriching profile to capture a new audience with varying interests.

  1. Use of Social Media- Any talk about digital marketing is incomplete without talking about social media, that too for a creative field like yours. The key here is to be active and engaging with your audience on multiple levels, and if you don’t have a social media account…….then what are you waiting for???? Social media should be your go-to channel to promote your work profile and accomplishments, the best part is that it is completely free yet gives the best return without any investment if the platform has been utilized in the best possible manner. You can post videos, reels, pictures and share a live feed of your projects and work undertaken to give the audience a sneak peek into your work. While you can use multiple platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc., just make sure your content is attractive, catchy, relevant, and interesting to the user. You can also engage with influencers on these platforms to help promote your brand further.
  2. Work upon your SEO – One of the ways to boost your online search presence is by using SEO techniques to enhance your brand’s exposure. SEO is used to boost your presence on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo to rise up the visibility ladder organically. Using long-tailed keywords, relevant phrases and keywords, images et al are all ways to boost your SEO ranking. You can use these targeted keywords on different pages of your website to gain user traffic on all pages of your website by using relevant search terms. You can use these keywords on your website, blogs, social media posts, just to make your content easily searchable on different search engines and show up in the first few relevant results, so that the users get to know about your business, easily. You can even use data analytics to improve the range of keywords that have to be used as per trend analysis, as well as keep a track of user traffic on a regular basis and re-work your marketing strategy if need be.

With the growing demand for your services, it can’t be emphasized more that you have to be all set and create your niche in the already competitive market.

Digital Marketing Strategies for Chiropractors

‘Health is Wealth’

This statement is highly understated because people often tend to overlook health maintenance and thanks to your alternative healthcare services, many people are able to have better health instead of opting for traditional treatments. Being a chiropractor isn’t easy and requires immense knowledge and wisdom, but having said that it has come out to be a highly competitive field, whereas per a report published by the American Chiropractic Association, there are more than 70k chiropractors who practice an additional 3k who work in the academic or managerial fields, this means that on an approx. level that there is one chiropractor for nearly every 500 Americans.  This shows that you have to be really pro-active otherwise the steep competition might negatively affect your business; hence we will suggest some digital marketing tips with you to further your business and let it grow abound. It is true that online marketing has the immense power to get the targeted audience to you, in the cheapest yet the most effective way, let’s get started:

1. Web design for your services- Your website is your focal point for attracting customers because it is your e-visiting card and people prefer visiting the website, as it gives them the required information they are looking for and most importantly it lends credibility to your brand. Therefore, you need to design a website that not only gets attention but also drives conversions, a well-designed website should have the following points:

  • Easy to use and navigate
  • Have all the relevant information (for instance your name, services offered, timings, address, contact details, mode of payment, etc.)
  • Should have a professional outlook
  • It should be safe to use, e. a secure URL
  • Mobile-friendly- With many people using mobiles on the go, undoubtedly they shall prefer it for surfing for information of their interest, therefore, this aspect can’t be overlooked.

2.  Creation of your Google My Business page; if existing then optimizing it- Who doesn’t realize the importance of Google these days, Google is a powerful medium for billions of people across the globe, and if channelized right, then it can create wonders for your practice. GMB is highly important to local SEO and that too is absolutely free of cost. The best part about Google My Business is that it appears both on the Google search result page as well as Google Maps, for instance, if someone looks up for Chiropractors near Huntersville, then this way the suggestions will crop up. People can either search for Chiropractors near me or enter a particular area name, either wise your name should be amongst the top few searches, though it is very tough to rank organically local SEO can be a great way to ensure amazing results. You should make sure to include relevant details on your profile, i.e. your brand name by which you are running your practice, contact details, address, hours of operation, etc. and if you have some pictures, interactive reviews, social media accounts et al, then your brand visibility can shoot up, immensely.

3. SEO – SEO basically implies those strategies which help in increasing the quality and quantity of traffic to one’s website via organic search results, to help improve your website’s ranking as per terms relevant to your industry. As mentioned earlier, search engines aid in people reaching out to healthcare professionals, therefore an optimal use of SEO is a must.  You can improve your SEO strategies and making your website relevant to your visitor, with the help of these suggestions;

  • Creating relevant, useful, and targeted content
  • Enhancing the site’s user experience
  • Making the website mobile friendly
  • Using targeted and relevant keywords in the site copy

4. Blogs– You can get your website to rank higher by using chiropractic keywords with the help of unique posts. It is important for you to highlight your specialization, and instead of stuffing all the keywords at one place to improve your site’s listing, you should assign dedicated pages highlighting your specialized services in detail and in a way that adds more value to your reader. This way, you can ensure that every page of your website, serves as a landing page, which can draw potential customers from various relevant web-based searches. If you cover a huge pool of relevant blog topics of your specialization area, then you can ensure having an upper hand in dominating your niche on the internet.

 These are just some of the ways for you to start off your digital marketing journey and dominate the highly competitive market space because maintain your business’s health shall also be your top priority because until and unless people won’t know about your practice, they won’t be able to reach out to you.

Importance of Digital Marketing for the Oil and Gas Sector

The oil and gas industry is primarily a B2B sector; therefore there is limited interaction with a wider audience, but there is immense competition within the sector itself, hence, you always need to put your best foot forward when it comes to engaging with clients and digital marketing can be your secret weapon.

Online marketing is crucial when it comes to ensuring that your oil and gas company gains the much-needed customer base, that you need to succeed…. ‘Online’ is that gold, which you should dig up asap!!

Let’s understand in brief why digital marketing is important for you:

  1. Since it is primarily a B2B industry, social media aids you in connecting with people: Social media or digital marketing is primarily associated with the B2C industry, but this theory generally doesn’t stand true as it is equally important for the B2B sector, as said by Fredrik Tukk of Maersk Drilling, that it is not about B2B or B2C, but about People-2-People. The energy sector impacts the functioning of the world, in a multitude of ways and this is where social media comes into the picture. Social media is a tool used by energy companies to reach out to a wider audience, which otherwise they wouldn’t have been able to. Not only does it lend people an insight into your company culture and working, but also acts as a springboard for your recruitment needs; you can run targeted recruitment campaigns to hire the right talent and save huge costs to your company.
  2. It helps in customer acquisition and retention- Being relevant in the market and providing apt content in relation to what you wish to convey to your audience via various social media channels is of importance and needs careful planning and strategizing. In today’s times, brands that have a positive social media presence, generally carry more authenticity than those who don’t, thus, if you want to have an edge against your competitors, this is when you need to strike if you haven’t yet…what more, due to the pandemic the world is moving towards more online-based activities, this means that your audience is present there all the more. Due to the current times, when the economy is experiencing a downturn, investment in digital marketing would be a low-cost yet effective way to maintain your presence. Focusing on enhancing your customer service, content and SEO can ensure you get great returns at a no or minimal cost.
  3. Analytics and digital marketing create an impact till the end- With the use of relevant analytic tools and metrics; you can ensure that you are earning good profits. As per Maria Carballosa of DrillingInfo, ‘the importance of translating marketing speak to business speak; a value creator that has a quantifiable result in improving the organization’s bottom to the top layer.’ With the presence of impactful CRM, marketing, and business intelligence tools, you can show sales, finance, and the C-suite the deliverable and resultant impact marketing is creating. With these foundation blocks in place, you can realize and see that marketing goes from a cost driver to a growth driver. Therefore, having a solid digital marketing strategy in place and focused on metrics associated with strong KPIs, should be your plan A to drive growth in your sector.

These are the headers via which you can understand the importance and the subsequent impact of a well-crafted and strategized digital marketing plan. It’s important to develop a blueprint by understanding all the required factors and then working upon the areas that need your attention the most, the aim should be to enhance your visibility and interaction in the long run.

The Impact of Machine Learning on Digital Marketing

Marketing and technology in the current times have become deeply interwoven with each other that too in a very short span of time. Marketing as a field is experiencing change at an unprecedented rate nearly every day, those who have embraced it are moving ahead and those who haven’t yet, are definitely going to lag behind. It’s true that marketers need not be tech experts but having some idea shall definitely help you in getting a hang of all steps you will have to undertake to improve and continuously improve your digital marketing campaigns. Digital marketing is all about innovation, personalization, automation, and creativity…..but to maintain a rhythm you need to invest money, therefore having a basic understanding of these tools shall help you in making better investment decisions.

(P.C.- Cardinal Path)

Let’s see how in some ways Machine Learning can influence your digital marketing initiatives:

  1. Optimized PPC campaigns- With the introduction of multiple ML-powered improvements in the Google ads, the complexity and scope of PPC (Pay per click) has grown to abound. Marketers are able to get more out of their ad spend with the implementation of predictive click-through rates, ad rotation optimization, and in-market optimization. PPC campaigns can be made more productive, impactful, and useful where with the help of Machine Learning you can do Smart bidding. The impact of ML on PPC campaigns can be aplenty for instance;
  • You can analyze queries at the search query level itself instead of keyword level
  • Adjust bids as per every auction, thus unburdening the auction managers time
  • Study user behavior for determining the bid amount
  • Collect information from various data sources like location, a device to aid you in bidding better, etc.
  1. Optimized Advertising- Digital marketing has a huge chunk comprised of advertising, which results in a huge part of the budget flowing through that channel. Traditional campaign optimizations were based on factors like the timing of the advertisement, the space inventory to be bought, the duration of the campaign, the choice of the advertisement channel, etc.

       At the end of the day, like all the manual processes this process is affected by human errors and limitations, thus using ML can substantially improve the performance of your existing advertising campaigns. Even Google employs Machine learning technology to automate bids, this yields optimized conversions and helps in saving time as well as improve the ROI.

  1. Eye-catching Website design and UX features- A factor for digital marketers which they can’t afford to overlook is that of website designing. Web designing forms a pivot for a successful digital marketing campaign, and if not done properly, can be a cause of major concern for them. It’s here that ML tools act as a lifesaver, it collates all the data related to user preferences, A/B tests, webpage heat maps, etc. How is it practical? Because of this simple reason, you can design a customized webpage based on this information rather than relying on a designers’ whim. Hence, you get an amazing webpage as a result wherein you incorporate both the components, i.e. Analytical and creative…thus, giving you an edge against your competitors.
  1. Enhanced and productive customer service- Efficient and effective customer service is indicative of a successful business, which shows that the business is directly connected with its customers and aware of their needs. The faster and responsive your customer care, the better shall be the interest of your audience towards you, this fact is highlighted in the research, which mentioned that 79% of people prefer live chats, because of instant response. Chatbots are highly powerful ML-backed tools, if used in a targeted manner, the benefits they offer are many, for instance, they are active 24*7, offer zero-wait time to customers, can route complex problems to the designated human, have an ever-expanding database, etc.

Chatbots aren’t primarily used for customer services but are assisting brands with outbound marketing where they aid in sending follow-up messages to customers. For instance, they can announce the arrival of new launches of products or introduction of services, as well as share discounts and coupon deals, which help in driving up user engagement. The data collected by chat-bots through continuous customer engagements’ provides valuable insights to marketers regarding customer mindset and behavior, thus helping them in growing their business.

Machine Learning has been a boon to mankind, in ways that we didn’t imagine a couple of years ago. ML-based tools help people save time by not working on repetitive or clerical tasks, rather they can focus on further enhancing their business output and results. Here, as marketers, you can focus on developing well-thought strategies rather than operations, because if the former is good the latter shall be great. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and embrace the change, because this change has the power to catapult your business to astounding heights.

Digital Marketing Strategies for Clinics

With too much marketing and advertising happening on a daily basis, it is easy to get overawed and confused at the same time with so much happening at all times. The digital marketing strategy gets a little complicated especially when it comes to anything related to medics because not only it has to be relevant, genuine, and nothing too pushy…and more-so post-COVID-19. As per a study conducted by Deloitte, it was found that 52% of consumers tend to look up online for any kind of information related to healthcare providers, services, and/or any health issues, thus, this shows that an effective digital marketing strategy is needed as an effective way to bridge the gap between consumers and the medical service providers.

Marketing strategy has seen a shift in course of strategy, unlike earlier times when people used to rely solely on TV, radio, and various print ads and shell out hefty sums to generate attention, but nowadays things have changed tremendously and the digital marketing arena has gained immense traction, primarily due to its widespread reach, more scope for being creative as well as light on spending resources. Therefore, when it comes to marketing your practice, it should be a healthy mix of traditional and contemporary marketing practices.

1. Website Wonders- It won’t be wrong if I say that your website is your e-visiting card because how creative, eye-catching, well structured, detailed and crisp it is, shall determine how you are able to attract visitors to your website. Designing a website is totally in your hands and how effectively are you able to do that, shall determine consumer traffic on your website and eventually patients at your clinic. Your website should be consumer-friendly, SEO optimized, and most importantly genuine, as consumers should develop trust in you and your services, because health is one aspect where people tend to make selves, doubly sure and which is absolutely fine. Your website shall have a creative outlay, placement of contact information at prominent places, any offers or discounts, special services, etc. as well as it should be responsive, fast to load, and interactive.

 Similarly, you should have a website customized for mobile devices, as the majority of the users are on the go and will use phones, most probably as a primary device to search for any doctor’s clinic or enquire about a doctor, therefore you should aim at ensuring that it includes flexible images and it is customized for all platforms because you don’t want to lose customers on any front. You should put analytics-based tools to good use, so you can analyze traffic behavior on your website across different platforms and use the captured information to the best of your use.

2. SEO Strategy for Local Searches- Having a well thought SEO strategy in place, shall yield wondrous results for you, if resources are invested in a proper manner and it all starts with having SEO optimized website, in place. Your website should show up in the top few searches on any search engine like Google or Bing, it should be well structured and the appropriate use of long-tailed keywords would enhance the organic search results.  In case you have your practice, spread over various locations, then you should have individual landing pages designated for each location, this shall help your practice rank higher organically on the search engines. There are various information snippets which you shall definitely include, for instance, on high priority presence of Google My Business Map, contact details and operating hours, the name of the city shall be highlighted multiple times on the page as well as a short write up on the services provided by you and/or your team.

3. E-mail ‘Gold That Never Grows Old’- E-mail till today remains one of the most useful and effective modes of communication, it can be designed as per your business needs and preferences. E-mail-based marketing helps businesses staying in touch with older customers as well as touching base with new customers, who have displayed an interest in your services. E-mails can serve as messengers of whatever information you wish to convey to the customers, be it informing and eventually re-directing them to your website, any offers, blogs written, etc. If your audience is interested and sounds positive, then you can ask them to sign up for your newsletter, which will help you to keep a common touch base with your target audience, on a regular basis.

4. Social Media Consistency- To remain relevant and maintaining an interactive channel with your consumers should be on top of your priority; to get visitors on your website consistently shall require you to be on your mental toes at all times, for instance, be it posting your live session videos on Youtube or Facebook, etc., or post blogs on a regular basis. Social media gives you abound opportunities to interact with your target audience, and you can share multiple information and relevant pieces of interest with people and engage with them on different levels; this shall contribute only towards your popularity, show you as approachable but also make it easier for people to trust you. You can also join relevant groups on Facebook, Quora, LinkedIn, and Twitter and interact with people on a first-hand basis and simultaneously generate inbound traffic for your website.

5. Video, is the King of Engagement – Videos are undoubtedly one of the most engaging and curiosity generating mediums, and they give you a chance to be creative, engaging, and informative at the same time with your audience. Video-based medical marketing helps you in delivering appropriate message to your audience and market yourself, at the same time. Since videos enjoy higher engagement rates rather than conventional ways, these could work up-to your advantage, for instance, you can share interactive videos, Q&A videos, general informative videos, live patient sessions (if your patients share their consent) on various platforms to promote your practice and this shall help you in building a trustworthy relationship with your clients and encourage them to come to you. The interesting part is that there is no dearth of topics to start from and with such a wide range of topics available to discuss upon, you can start from today itself and have content ready to attract people from all backgrounds.

 These are just some of the many strategies for you to start off on the journey of establishing your market niche amongst your competitors, you just need to be sure of sharing relevant and authentic content and having regular interaction to win the trust of customers, as that shall go a long way in having a long-term healthy relationship between you and them and solidifying your position in the market.