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Influencers….Let’s Look at Some Ways to Influence People

Being an influencer isn’t an easy job at all… it’s a job indeed. A few years ago no one had thought of it as being full-time work, but today it has changed tremendously, not only youngsters but people across all age groups are exploring opportunities here. Undoubtedly it isn’t something easy, too much of competition and too much time and effort are needed. It might seem too flashy and bright at the forefront but we truly understand the hard work you guys put in, especially by building a loyal and engaging customer base.

The best part here is that these days there are multiple avenues for you to explore and it isn’t limited to a few selected brands or agencies, also with the rise in the number of influencers, brands are leveraging them all the more. So what are you waiting for??? Let’s see how you can become a social media influencer or improve upon your current standing.

  1. Understand your expertise or area of interest- Being an influencer requires commitment and long-term persistence. It is, therefore, necessary that you should pick your area of niche’ because it should be something which you have knowledge about, have interest in, possess some level of expertise, and can create consistent content regarding it. Having some expertise in that area will be a major bonus because you will have to research and post content for it, so it is important to go with something which really excites you and you wouldn’t mind spending time on it.

      It is crucial to understand that if you opt for something which is too trending or is unique but doesn’t interest you won’t yield great results for you in the future, as your content quality might get repetitive or compromised, which won’t ensure great audience attention and retention. You can opt for anything be it adventure sports or cooking or movie reviews…the key is to keep it simple and relevant for your audience.

  1. Know your audience- The very next step in ensuring a successful journey towards being an amazing influencer is knowing who your audience is and what do they want. It’s important to build a long-term relationship and for that, your content should reach out to the relevant audience, i.e. the one interested in your niche area. In today’s times, you have access to some really helpful analytics tools to gauge the interest of your audience and their demographics. This way you can decide how to customize your content and display relevant as well as engaging content to them, so as to maintain their curiosity levels high, in the long run.
  2. Have a creative Bio- Being an influencer means how creative and interesting your content can be, to attract the audience. Therefore, your bio is like your visiting card, it should be something that is unique and quirky, which not only sets you apart but makes a great initial impression on anyone visiting your page or profile. This implies that you should be able to convey your story in an engaging manner, and most importantly, don’t forget to add your important information like contact details, area of expertise, location, etc.
  3. Most important; Content relevancy- Just creating and posting content isn’t the only thing, rather making it relevant is where the center point lies, because if the content won’t be relevant for your audience, then you can’t expect a successful run towards being a successful influencer. The higher the engagement rate with your public, the more they shall be ‘influenced’ by you, in here you need to formulate a strategy, i.e. how to approach your audience. Some influencers strictly post regarding their areas for instance a food blogger might post pictures and videos only related to food or beauty bloggers might post strictly about beauty hacks, tips, brands, DIY tricks, etc. these influencers don’t mix their personal life with this aspect. Whereas, on the other hand, some influencers to make them seem more authentic and relatable might share snippets of their personal life too, they believe this helps them build a personal connection with their followers.

     All in all, whatever strategy you follow should be your call based on proper research, but never keep it too restricted, always keep the doors open for any future collaboration to fit into your story. Your sponsored posts should fit in easily with your regular content, don’t narrow down your avenues, because you are in here for a long haul.


These are just some of the suggestions to help you kick start your career as an influencer, undoubtedly it is an interesting journey, but one which needs you to be consistent and requires persistent efforts. You can’t become a successful influencer at once, but it shall be one step at a time in the right direction…so go ahead and conquer the digital world!!!

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