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Tax Day 2024 USA: Everything You Need To Know

Are you ready for April 15?

If not, we are here to assist you with everything about Tax Day USA.

It’s crucial to prepare for tax season whether you are a business owner or an employee. This will keep you on track of everything – with accurate data and on-time filing. Hence, it’s critical to examine all the necessary information before the big day.

Here we have shared all the information and updates that you may need to stay prepped. It will cover topics like – how to acquire documentation, current tax changes, and the consequences of missing deadlines for filing income tax returns that have been received.

All Aboard and Ready?

Before we proceed, let’s have a look at what taxation is!

What Is Federal Income Tax?

Allow me to break it down in simple terms. Income taxes are collected by the International Revenue Service (IRS) on behalf of the United States government. The annual income of people, companies along other entities is the basis of these taxes. This covers a range of revenue streams such as salaries, revenues from investment wages, and other kinds of income.

The deadline to make your tax payments and file your personal Income Tax Return (ITR) to the Federal government is Tax Day in the United States.

Eager to know more about Tax Day USA? Keep reading!

What Exactly is Tax Day? Let Us Explore!

Tax Day USA
We consider Tax Day to be the final date for tax payments and individual federal tax returns.

Do you know? In the United States, Tax Day falls on April 15 each year. If the day falls on a holiday or weekend, it is considered a business day.

Likewise, in 2024, Tax Day falls on April 15. Most states consider the same date as the deadline to file state income tax. The tax season in the USA runs between January 1 and April 15, during which you can file taxes or pay them for the previous year.

Let us look at some of the noteworthy points for your quick knowledge:

  • Tax Day is the payment deadline for filing income tax returns that have been received. The Federal government has set the Tax Day 2024 USA as April 15.
  • If Tax Day falls on any holiday and weekend, the IRS expands its date.
  • If you are not able to meet the deadline for tax payment, you can freely file for a tax deadline extension of 6 months. However, note that you still need to pay the tax you owe by the revised deadline.

Now that you have gained a little idea about Tax Day 2024 let’s have a look at some essential facts below.

Tax Day 2024: What You Need To Know?

As you have learned about the deadline for filing income tax returns that have been received by all taxpayers, we will now have a look at certain factors that are important to consider before filing taxes:

1. Who must file

  • You can file a return by Tax Day if you are earning income or your income gets deducted from your paychecks.
  • This applies to small business owners as well as self-employed individuals. They can file to pay estimated taxes quarterly and reconcile annually.

2. Retired Adults

  • As a retired adult, it is important for you to file income taxes by Tax Day. It considers certain sources of income such as investments, pensions, social security, and retirement account withdrawals.

3. Some Important Reminders:

  • Do you need some additional time to make ready your tax return? Choose the option to appeal for a tax deadline extension.
  • You must remember that your tax payment is due on the actual Tax Day.
  • Take the help of the IRS Free File tool for filing an extension. Make sure to incorporate the estimated payment with the form.
  • You are resilient enough to pay the part or total estimated tax bill while filing for a tax deadline extension. Remember to specify that your payment is intended for extension.
  • Time is an important factor while you file your extension. Ensure you file the extension request on the Tax Day 2024 USA date or before it. Otherwise, you will be penalized for late fees.

I can assure you that after you become knowledgeable about the above information and steps, you can manage all your tax obligations evenly as per the state and federal requirements.

Do you know the history behind the emergence of Tax Day in the USA? Before you go through your tax obligations, have a look at the background below:

Background of Tax Day

  • According to research guides, in 1861, the United States brought in income tax to hold up the American Civil War effort. However, in 1872 it was considered unconstitutional.
  • In 1894, taxing personal income reappeared with certain legal uncertainties.
  • In 1913, the modern income tax system was established and has been confirmed by the 16th Amendment to the US.
  • Tax Day 2024 USA has changed over time, which was initially set on March 1, 1913.
  • In 1955, Tax Day was set on April 15, and it remains unchanged to date.

If your interest lies in learning more about Tax Day, you must know about the filing of federal income tax.

Below is a detailed discussion for your understanding!

How To File Your Federal Income Taxes?

With IRS regulations, you can get various options regarding the filing of your income taxes. You can work with a tax professional or utilize a tax preparation software.

There is software called Free File Program by the IRS which you can use as an economical and convenient service.

Find below some crucial points to consider:

1. Eligibility

  • According to the guidelines, if you earn $79,000 or less as an Adjusted Gross Income (AGI), you can get into tax preparation services with the help of a partner site.
  • If your income is more than $79,000, you can easily prepare taxes online without any cost as per tax brackets 2024.

2. Electronic Filing (E-filing)

  • I suggest you opt for e-filing as it accelerates the refund process. It can help you get the refunds within 3 weeks of the 2024 tax refund schedule when the IRS receives their return.
  • As an alternative, you can mail a paper return to the IRS; however, it may take about 6 to 8 weeks to process.

3. Additional Services

Okay, so now you have understood the process of income tax filing following the IRS regulations. But what if you miss the deadline?

Below, I have referred to certain outcomes of it to help you go as planned in the future.

Missed Deadline? Know the Consequences!

1. Failure-to-file penalty and Refunds

Once you miss the deadline it is crucial to file your return quickly to get rid of failure-to-file penalty. In case, you are eligible for a refund, IRS will not impose any penalty.

Don’t forget, there is a 3-year rule of limitations on refunds. Filing over this time frame may forfeit your refund.

2. Failure-to-pay Penalty and Interest Charges

If you miss the payment deadline, you may be exposed to a failure-to-pay penalty along with other interest charges on the amount. Certain exceptions may be allowed, such as if you are going through any financial hardships, given that you file for a tax deadline extension.

Thus, always try to file your taxes as soon as possible. Upon receipt, start gathering your documents promptly. If you want to engage a tax professional, make sure to schedule an appointment in advance. This approach can assist you in your financial planning.

As you go through the complexities of filing income tax, I would suggest you stay informed about the latest updates that are issued by the IRS for the Tax Day 2024 USA schedule.

Here you go!

Bigger Tax Refunds in 2024

Bigger Tax return
As per reports and data of February 2023, the tax refund was $3,213 which marks a 4% growth from the average refund.

There is a surge in the average refund size that is credited to the IRS for its adjustment of tax provisions for inflation. Note that the tax brackets and the standard deductions were all set at 7% higher for the tax year 2023, the time for which you are now filing the taxes.

Recent Tax Adjustments

  • Inflation Impact

Strong inflation of 2022 has caused some notable adjustments to the tax code for the year 2023. These variations are directed towards accommodating the impact of inflation on the taxpayers.

  • More Generous Standard Deductions

Because of the adjustments, you can get a more generous standard deduction. This indicates that a large portion of your income may not be subjected to taxation.

  • Increased Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC)

The maximum amount that you can claim as a tax filer for the Earned Income Tax Credit has been increased. If you are a low or moderate-income individual, you can get additional support in this Tax Day USA.

  • Higher-income threshold

You may be pleased to know that there is an increase in the income threshold at which tax rates take effect. Thus, more income may be subjected to a lower tax rate, which will help you reduce your tax liability.

Now, you have a clear idea about the recent tax adjustments made by the IRS. It is also important to know your tax obligations if you are a small business owner.

Are you a small business owner? Let us look at certain tips to help you prepare for the Tax Day 2024 USA schedule:

Tax Day USA Tips for Small Business Owners & Start Up Companies

1. Maintain Detailed Records

  • Keep an organized record of all the business transactions. This vital practice helps you to calculate your taxes accurately and substantiate all your tax obligations.
  • Make use of any accounting system or software for an efficient bookkeeping process.
  • Always confirm that you have all the records of receipts, invoices, bills, sales slips, and other financial documents associated with your business.

2. Understand Your Business Entity

  • Your business is unique like your tax position. The type of business you operate affects your tax responsibilities.
  • To learn more precisely about the particular requirements of your business entity, consult a tax professional or an accounting expert.
  • Keep yourself updated with any modifications in the tax regulations that might have an impact on your business operation.

3. Consult a Tax Professional

  • You can get assistance with the complexities of tax regulations and laws from an accountant or tax specialist.
  • Ask for their help in devising tax plans that are beneficial for your company.
  • Before making any important decisions about tax preparation and your business structure, you must consult a tax professional.

Your ability to pay your taxes on time will determine how well your business works. Even while it may seem difficult, it can be simpler with careful preparation and planning.

4. Maintain Your Tax Documents

Though your tax situation may vary, the following standard documents are necessary to facilitate a seamless tax season:

  • Gross Receipts:

Records all the income sources, such as sales records, invoices, cash register tapes, and 1099-MISC forms.

  • Purchases:

Keep records of all items purchased which includes the descriptions of the items, amount paid, and payee. Try to keep records of the items you resell and buy, which may include the parts or materials you use for the production of finished products. This will help you pay your taxes as per Tax Day 2024 USA dates.

  • Expenses:

Keep a record of every item your company incurs, such as utilities, rents, office supplies, and receipts.

  • Travel, Transportation, entertainment, and Gifts:

When claiming deductions for expenses related to travel and transportation, make sure you have supporting documents. It proves that the expenses are related to your business.

  • Asset:

Managing a business requires management of various properties like furniture, machinery, and more. It is not easy to keep track of all the assets. It is necessary to keep thorough records to manage this efficiently. This includes documents like purchase and sales invoices, evidence of payment, and real estate closing statements.

When you decide to sell any such assets, these records remain crucial for determining annual depreciation.

  • Employment Taxes:

If you hire employees, you must maintain certain records for employment-related taxes. In addition to other tasks, you will need to keep track of your pay rate. These records include documents that list your pay rates, any benefits you offer, and the amount of money deducted.

To ensure you are fulfilling your tax duties as per Tax Day 2024 USA schedule and accurately, it is crucial to maintain records in an organized manner.

The specifics of your tax obligations can differ depending on the business type, though keeping records is similar for all types of business.

Do you live in Minnesota? Then you must be aware of 3 tax law changes!

If not, know before you file your taxes!

Top 3 Tax Law Changes in Minnesota

Rebate Checks and IRS Taxation

  • According to the latest report, in Minnesota, almost 2.1 million people are eligible for a one-time refund cheque. For single taxpayers, the rebate is $260, and for married couples, it is $520. Up to three dependents may receive an additional $260 each.
  • Married couples making less than $150,000 annually and other taxpayers making less than $750,000 annually are among the qualifying groups.
  • Although there will be no state taxes owing to these payments, Minnesotans will owe the IRS taxes due to the rebate approval related to the federal COVID emergency expiration.
  • Depending on the rebate amount received, you can anticipate paying an IRS tax of between $26 and $286 within the Minnesota tax filing deadline of 2024.

Child Tax Credit

  • Democrats implemented the Child Tax Credit to reduce child poverty in Minnesota.
  • According to the previous report, if your family makes over $35,000 per year, the $1,750 credit per child phase-out.
  • Higher-income families can still qualify for a smaller credit depending on their number of children and income.
  • Note that, for some families with 3 children under the age of 18, there is a modification of the working family credit under the new tax law. It includes a maximum credit of $5,600.
  • This benefit will affect about 265,000 families, including those who do not oblige legally to file taxes.

Social Security Tax Cuts

  • As per the report mentioned above, beginning with the 2023 tax year, there is no requirement for the retired couples earning up to $100,000 and individuals earning up to $ 78,000 to pay state taxes on their social security income.
  • With this bill, following the Tax Day 2024 Minnesota calendar, the percentage of seniors whom state taxes has exempted from social security benefits will rise from 50% to 76%.
  • Bipartisan agreement in 2022 eliminated the state’s tax on social security benefits. However, they revise the matter in 2023 session due to changes in the law.

These programs are the first step towards giving you and your families access to help and financial relief. Knowing these provisions can help you make financially responsible judgments as tax season progresses.

You may get amaze to hear that many American taxpayers have a variety of complaints about the tax system. One of the complaints is that there lies a burden on those with middle and lower incomes more than those with higher incomes.

How about knowing the features of the tax code that are fundamentally wrong? Let us explore!

What’s Wrong With the American Tax System?

1. Taxpayer Sentiment

According to an IRS survey conducted in 2021, the majority of Americans believe that paying taxes is their civic obligation. Some factors that determine a decrease in trust and satisfaction with the IRS include education level, age, and other political affiliations.

Political Party affiliations are important, with Republicans having more optimistic opinions and Democrats getting more doubtful, particularly amid the 2017 tax cuts.

2. Views of Taxation

The majority of the taxpayers agree that taxes are necessary to pay for government activities. However, they have different opinions about the size and funding level. Debates center on the optimal way to set up the tax system, the effective tax rate, and how it affects different social groups.

3. Biden’s Attempts at Tax Change

According to the report, to stop big businesses from avoiding taxes, the Inflation Reduction Rate (IRA) of 2022 imposes an alternative corporate minimum tax of 15%. Over the next 10 years, the IRA will provide $80 billion in money to improve customer service, enforcement, and personnel levels at the IRS.

Despite bipartisan support, opposition persists, especially in the light of the possible rise in IRA audits of regular taxpayers.

4. Fair Distribution of Tax Burden

There are certain issues regarding the fairness of tax loads due to the argument made by the critics that the current tax system is not sufficiently progressive. The large businesses and wealthy people avoiding substantial tax obligations undermine public trust in the system.

The target of the alternative corporate minimum tax is to address tax evasion by large firms which reflects worries about the unequal distribution of tax burden.

As Tax Day 2024 USA approaches, it is critical to consider recent tax changes and taxpayer sentiment. Along with that, it is also crucial to ensure that you have taken all the required actions to complete your tax obligation. Being proactive and organized can substantially ease the process and help to avoid potential penalties.

Make sure Tax Day does not sneak up on you. Today, take charge of your finances and file with confidence!

FAQs on Tax Day

  1. Is Tax Day always on April 15?

Your federal Individual Income Tax Return is due on April 15 if your tax year ends on December 31 and you file your taxes yearly using the Tax Day 2024 USA calendar year.

  1. What is Tax Day in the USA?

The deadline for filing income tax returns that have been received by the federal government is Tax Day in the United States. This day observed since 1955 usually falls on April 15.

  1. What happens if you miss the April 15 tax deadline?

If you don’t request a tax deadline extension and you don’t file your taxes on time, they will penalize you. It will also charge daily interest to the entire amount including penalties.

  1. Can you submit taxes on April 18?

There won’t be any penalties if you file your taxes after the deadline on April 18 as long as you qualify for a refund. You can use to obtain the IRS Free File until October 16.

  1. When to expect a tax refund with child credit 2024?

According to the report, as per the IRS, most 2024 tax refund schedules for the child tax credit and earned income tax credit will be available in bank accounts by February 27th for taxpayers who have filed and chosen direct deposit.

Businesses Which Have Suffered Due to the Pandemic

In today’s times, everything has changed and why not, the pandemic has hit people in varying measures, and as a result, there is widespread fear and panic amongst people. The crisis today has brought a change in the way the entire world does business, including America. Sometimes it so happens that the changes which were long overdue and were pushed back, take place because of the demand of the situation; though sometimes these changes might cause discomfort and a loss to many there is always a new beginning to look forward to.  A major crisis often acts as a trigger to spark major changes in the economy, and this stands true for Covid-19 too. As the pandemic has redefined the business trend across the entire USA since the past year and a half, a lot of changes too shall be observed, with a change in the attitude of the people and how businesses operate. So let’s see 5 Industries, apart from the most talked-about ones like Aviation, Hospitality, Travel, and Tourism, etc., which have been impacted due to the Corona Virus:

  1. Amusement Parks and Entertainment Zones- The times have been tough, being locked away in our homes for such long durations, never had people expected this scenario coming up and if adults feel uneasy, just imagine about the kids at home….how would they feel exactly? For them playing out in the garden or a nearby was an everyday routine or going out on play-dates with friends or maybe an excursion to a nearby amusement park if not to Disney World was what they looked forward to, but unfortunately due to sudden turn of events, going to an amusement park seems like a thing of the past. In times like these, where social distancing, wearing masks and gloves is of utmost necessity, amusement parks have taken a hit and that’s a reason they have shut their shops till things further improve. It’s here that the smaller amusement parks have taken the biggest hit, unlike Six Flags or Disney who have the financial wherewithal to cope up with these stressful times.
  2. Bowling- Bowling forms an essential part of the American gaming culture, with bowling alleys present throughout the country. Having said that what was once an enjoyable activity has now turned out to be amongst the riskiest ones, especially since there are groups of friends, large or small who would come and enjoy, but unfortunately due to the pandemic people can’t congregate at one place and since it’s not a solitary game, it has become very tough for the businesses to survive.
  3. Sports- Weekends were fun while watching Baseball games or eating hot dogs with buddies while watching Football; unfortunately even that has become a thing of the past. Though the demand for live transmission of sports and games has been on the rise as people are now sitting at home but it remains risky for people to go to the stadiums and even for the players to play in close proximity to each other. With losses amounting to nearly $800 million dollars, amateur sports bodies led a fight to be included in the recent stimulus package. With the present conditions, there is no in end sight as to when all of this will end and many amateur leagues which weren’t having a great financial position will tend to suffer the most, in these current times.
  4. Gyms and fitness centers- Though people are still into fitness and improving their overall health but visiting gyms and other community fitness centers has become a no-go zone. This is because it is easy for the virus to spread from the locker rooms and other common areas, especially near the machines since they are in close proximity to each other and it also isn’t advisable to work out with a mask on every time, it is precise because of this reason that the fitness centers have closed their doors till further notice. Going back to the pre-Covid times will be really tough since now people prefer exercising and maintaining their fitness at home only by investing in good quality equipment, as well as, it saves them time, effort, and money. So while gyms and other fitness businesses have taken a hit, alternative business models as offered by companies like Peloton are on the rise.
  5. Breweries- A large number of microbreweries and brewery pubs have taken a hit because here it is the ambiance and in-person sales, which matter a lot. Due to the present conditions, people can’t collect and meet at these places, therefore such pubs throughout the country have suffered losses. Though the sales of beer for home-based consumption have risen as people are mostly restricted to their homes, but selling 6 packs to people won’t offset the losses. This is so because their earnings were also dependent on food sales and those walk-in customers, thus, it is to be seen how many of the 8000 independent breweries are able to sustain their operations, especially if in an unfortunate event, the pandemic lingers on for an extended period.


These are just a few of the businesses which have taken a hit due to the ongoing pandemic, but unfortunately, there are many more and many livelihoods which taken a hit resultantly. But as they say, there’s always new dawn, and am pretty sure with the resilient and never-give-up attitude of the Americans, fighting against this pandemic won’t be a hard battle and many more opportunities will be created to offset what has been lost and that is what signifies the never-dying American Can-Do spirit.

Long Term Impact of Pandemic on Businesses

Definitely, there ought to be some changes in the post-Covid world and for businesses to survive, it is imperative to adapt as per the requirements and needs of the modern world. It is of immense importance to gauge the needs of the audience and offer them value-based information or services. Digital Transformation has been the keyword for the past decade but it won’t be wrong to say that it has caught steam since the past year.

It’s been more than one year into the pandemic, then why is it that some companies are scaling up the chart, whereas others aren’t even able to sustain themselves. The reason being that some of the companies have or are successfully implementing digital transformation and have adapted platform-based business models, whereas others are left behind as they haven’t yet climbed onto the wagon and will eventually cease to exist. It has been a seesaw ride, where many companies lost out to low consumer demand which was a result of COVID-19, on the other hand, there are various companies that were successfully able to leverage digitalization and digital transformation and further solidified their position.

As per a report by McKinsey’s US Digital Sentiment Survey, the readiness in adopting digital transformation has been shown by the retail industry, especially grocery and apparel. These sectors were able to enhance their digital adoption rates by an impressive 100% and 40%, respectively.

Other industries like the beauty, banking and healthcare sectors have shown similar trends, where they too are adopting their practices in sync with the growing demands of technology adoption. Post Covid the shape of an organizations recovery will depend on how willing they are to undergo digital transformation and are successfully able to adopt platform-based business models. There are established guidelines and rules, as well as established best practice standards to ensure success in the said area.

Post discussing the impact of adopting digital transformation, we shall now see some areas where the pandemic has left an indelible mark.

Post Pandemic trends which are here to stay

  1. Sanitation- Definitely, a sector which has gained more attention post Covid-19 and that is rightly so. Clean businesses have always caught the attention of customers and post pandemic sanitation will be the hot topic of discussion, especially travel, hospitality and healthcare industries. These sectors will the ones which will have the maximum human interaction and therefore maintaining impeccable standards shall be the utmost priority.
  2. Go local- Going local has been of prime importance during the trends observed post Covid and rightly so. This is happening mainly because people are not too keen on exploring markets and would prefer items delivered at home and this is so because the pandemic has acted as a supply chain disruptor. It is here where the local manufacturers and suppliers have stepped into fulfilling the demands of the people. This will not only give a push to the local manufacturers and suppliers but also to the local economy, and most importantly it will let them scale up their operations as well as give competition to the established players, which is important for the economy to grow.
  3. Virtual events- Due to the pandemic, many in-person events have been canceled or postponed and many are conducting virtual events to plug-in the gap, for instance it includes the like of Salesforce and Microsoft. It won’t be wrong to say that the virtual events are the future, atleast in the near future. It’s not only big corporations but also smaller companies which are building infrastructure to scale up and conduct virtual events, their focus being to reach out to their customers.

These are just some of the facts that we have scratched the surface off with, the pandemic has brought in many changes, some good and some bad, some which were needed and some which could have been avoided. The way world used to function pre-COVID is definitely not how it will function now, it’s always best to stay ahead of the curve and be prepared for any eventuality in these unpredictable times.

Customer Retention Strategies Post Covid-19

The pandemic has been a game-changer of sorts, having said that not only it has brought new practices into perspective but also re-emphasized upon our basic values, i.e. Customer is the king. Any business in any field has to focus on not only developing but also retaining their existing clients; it is because of these existing and loyal that your business can stay in the long haul.

Returning customers always tend to spend more than the newer ones, the reason being trust and loyalty. It is important to channelize your team efforts into the right direction to sustain over your existing clients; yes it is indeed a team effort because it needs persistent efforts, new strategies, and ideas to be able to do so, successfully.  Why are returning customers important? Simple, as per a report by SignalMind, the probability of a sale from a new customer lies between 5%-20%, whereas for a loyal customer it lies somewhere between 60%-70%, you can see the massive jump here. This doesn’t mean that you should put in fewer efforts to acquire newer customers because otherwise it will lead to stagnancy but simultaneously you ought to put efforts to retain your older customers too. Discussed below are some ways for you to retain your older clients:

  1. Communicate the values of your company- You can retain your consumers only when you both are in sync with your organization’s value, as that was what had initially pulled them to you. Instead of spamming their mailbox with generic and not so useful mails, especially during the current times, you can send them valuable emails sharing some productive insights and offering help if feasible to overcome such strenuous times. The deal here is to promote and provide valuable resources to them, assuring them that you all are in there, together.
  2. Offering E-services or products- Revolving around your products or services, you can offer them virtually to your consumers. For instance, in today’s time’s technology has made it possible for businesses to stay in touch with their customers, for instance, if you run a hospital or a clinic then you can offer telemedicine or others can stay in touch with the help of video-conferencing. Many businesses offering a varied range of services have come up with innovative ways of staying in touch with their existing clients, for instance, fashion houses are giving their clients a virtual walk-through of their clothes as well as virtual trial sessions. Therefore, it’s totally your call as to how to use modern technology to give benefits to your clients.
  3. Productive use of social media- Social media is one channel that encompasses a huge sect of various virtual platforms, and the use of which has multiplied in the current pandemic times. In today’s times, it is hardly a possibility that your existing clients won’t be present on social media, be it on Instagram, Facebook, Quora, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc., this is where you ought to target them by displaying curated content and thought engaging posts, which should be reflected at the top of their feed. Businesses should ensure that their target audience is engaged with these posts and that can happen if the posts are shared on a regular basis and are of value to the clients and most importantly, a channel of open communication is maintained from the company’s side, ensuring doubt clarity and responding to other client requests.
  4. Play with discounts and gift cards- Discounts and gift cards aren’t only a strong attractive point for the customers, which they believe is a reward for their loyalty but also ensures that the businesses too stay afloat and at the same time have a great relationship with their existing clients. You can offer discounts to the customers if your business model allows you to do so or offer new services and facilities to your existing clients, for instance, if you run a Spa and Wellness center, then you can offer discounts to acquire new customers and offer additional packages of massage or therapies to your older clients.

 Another way of maintaining customers can be via issuing gift cards or vouchers or coupons to the customers, not only does it bring in liquid cash immediately but also ensures customer repetition; it is important to note here that the consistency and value of services provided have to be maintained at great standards, because if the customers feel cheated then no amount of discounts or freebies can get them back to you. Remember the deal here is to be trustworthy, loyal, and yet remain successfully afloat in the post-pandemic market.

 We really hope that these points can give you a header into how to retain your existing clients successfully, many of you would have been doing that and many would yet have to start, but the deal here is to start doing that because post-Covid-19, the market has become highly competitive and if you don’t offer any value-based experience to your customers then there will be no incentive for them to carry on with you. It need not be always something extravagant but even small personal gestures can go a long way to help you retain them. Therefore, it’s important to always value and keeps your priorities at the top of your mind.

Pandemic Recap – Marketing Lessons Learned

marketing lessons post pandemic

With people and businesses essentially getting back to feat, things though slowly yet steadily have started going back to normalcy and it’s time we implement the lessons learned post-COVID-19, because anything good or bad, makes us learn a lesson or two. Therefore, let’s see what changes shall be seen in marketing post-COVID-19:

1. Focus on customer relationships – Client maintenance, isn’t something that can and should be taken for granted, not only does it take time, efforts, persistence, and empathy to create and maintain customers, but they are the lifelines of your business, hence, how well you treat your customers during tough times is the key and this pandemic was a litmus test. Those businesses which treated their customers with respect and reciprocated their loyalty, ultimately survived, whereas others, who couldn’t do that, either struggled or had to wrap up.

      It’s here that you can make use of analytical tools like search engine data, website analytics, consumer behavior tracking, etc. which can play a pivotal role in guiding your marketing decisions, all this can be especially helpful for small businesses and not-for-profits, as they suffer from resource limitation.

2. Focus on cost-saving and improving ROI- Hard times call for hard measures!!! This stands true when the times are tough and COVID-19 has been one such. With businesses facing a revenue crunch, it’s imperative and prudent to take clearly thought of decisions, one which shall have a long-term positive impact on your business, because any and everything involves money, and during the current times, a penny saved is a penny earned. Having said that, it has also taught business houses to clearly demarcate the areas of need and not to splurge money on any marketing strategy or tools, but those which shall generate positive investment for you and most importantly, create a valuable stream of customers for your venture.

3. Focus on creating a better virtual experience- With people mostly now staying indoors and using web-based services for work and/or other related deeds, it has become imperative to focus and better the virtual experience offered by you. To create a facilitative virtual engagement, effective digital communication is the need of the hour. As marketers, a growing need to focus and market via various channels has evolved, wherein you offer a holistic package of consumer interaction, i.e. making it a personalized yet informative experience for your user. Not only this, but it shall also involve displaying better visuals on your website, making the process of operation smooth and effective, which captures the interest of the users.

4. Focus on your ability to adapt- Adaptability and agility; these are the two terms that have created a deep impact on any and every business. Not only has the pandemic taught the owners to think swiftly but also at the same time adapt the business to the demanding challenges on an everyday basis, during the peak of the pandemic. Being open-minded and flexible in your business operations is what the pandemic has signified, this has also renewed focus on bettering team communication and risk-taking ability. In digital marketing, it is important to keep on experimenting, not frivolously though, with which channels of social media interaction and other media have to be tapped and how they have to be tapped, so that they yield the best results; at the same time are creative, cost-effective and hence aid in building a reactive approach.


Though these are not the only lessons learned, what all has been learned and implemented can vary from business to business. It’s true that not all lessons shall carry a deep impact for you, many can be short-lived but many shall carry a long-term impact, be it maintaining a great virtual customer relationship or working in a remote community, etc. The ultimate takeaway here is to use the lessons learned in such a way that they pave way for your further success.

Let’s Take a Step Forward- Strategies to Re-Open Closed Businesses

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With economies opening up now and lockdowns being eased out, businesses have re-started their operations, albeit at a slow speed but things have started to look up for sure and now is the time for you to focus on carefully re-focusing on your digital marketing strategy, as the market and consumer sentiments, both have changed and newer ways have to be looked up to gain the momentum and capture the lost ground.

An effective action plan focused on enhancing your digital marketing efforts is the need of the hour, there is an enhanced focus on digital marketing because the way the world operates post-COVID has undergone a drastic change, with people now spending most of their time online, this was validated by a study conducted by Forbes, as people are spending more time indoors, due to obvious reasons, and this is where you can target them, in the most effective manner.

Let’s see five strategies to boost your business once it reopens:

  1. Analyzing and re-working upon your existing digital marketing strategy- Definitely, with the change in the consumer pattern and behavior, post-pandemic, the consumer outreach methods have to be changed too. The best way to get ahead is to analyze your existing strategy and re-work any changes if needed. You should assess the existing channels and their efficacy, as well as what their future yields will be. You should carve out a marketing plan, which shall steer your plans throughout the consumer journey and provide checks at regular intervals.

The best way to assess which channel is most effective is by assessing the traffic rate generated on a particular channel/source, use of analytics to determine performance targets, determining the highest ROI on the particular channel, etc. Setting clear and defined goals, in sync with your business plans, shall help you in determining a well-thought marketing strategy.


  1. Focus on customer loyalty- Who doesn’t like being rewarded for their loyalty? Everyone feels nice if they are appreciated for sticking and preferring your business over others, despite rising competition and surviving times like these. After COVID-19, bringing in new customers has become tough, so here you can focus on the pre-existing ones, for instance, if they had subscribed for any E-membership, then you can offer them refunds or offer enhanced ancillary services, just to win over their trust. Times are tough not only for you, but for nearly everyone out there, and a gesture of concern shown by you will win you genuine appreciation. By undertaking customer loyalty initiatives, you will witness an enhanced surge in your brand awareness, enhanced organic traffic, the return of older customers, positive word-of-mouth publicity, better social media engagement, etc.


  1. Focus on promotional deals and offers- People always look out for decent incentives, promotions, and discounts, especially in times like these, where monetary aspects of people, in general, are hard hit; therefore, offering discounts and other promotional incentives won’t only be a great win for the customers but also generate positive nose for your business.

 You can offer exclusive promotions, discounts, or deals and publicize them on your website and your social media channels. These tricks will help in retaining your older customers and might also get newer customers for your business, businesses like Gyms, Spas, Restaurants, Hotels, and/or Tour operators can offer such proposals, as they are the ones who have been deeply impacted due to the pandemic.


  1. Focus on Google Ads (PPC)­- With Google having the highest visibility amongst people across the globe, it is essentially the most impactful traffic generator for any business, if promoted effectively. Unlike traditional media channels like T.V., radio, etc. which help raise brand awareness; Google ads drive action and generate an adequate response for your advertisement. If you use proper target keywords and an optimized SEO strategy is in place, then your ad shall be visible to the target audience. The best way to get the best results from your Google ad strategy is to have a Google ads funnel strategy in place, not only shall this be economical but also shall generate the best results for you in a short span of time.


  1. Attract customers with Social Media Ads – It is always a better decision to spread your marketing strategy across different platforms, use of Google ads is one such, but using platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. can drive up your content to a wider and varied audience, enhance your brand awareness and increase ROI. With Facebook having billions of users of varied demographics, race, etc. you can market your products and services, accordingly. The best part about Facebook Ads is that they are economically viable, thus, they won’t pinch your pockets hard, and especially nowadays when businesses are reeling under the financial crunch.

You can drive up your business by ensuring better search results, that too organically, if you develop sync with your other social media ads and Google ads, this way, search on any engine can drive up traffic on simultaneous other channels, not only is this a wise investment decision, because it is cost-saving but it also targets your potential audience on various channels.

With uncertainty and skepticism peaking high for everyone, this is quite natural and understandable, but being afraid of taking the next progressive steps won’t bode well for your business in the future, because an opportunity missed by you can be your competitors’ gain. The focus here should be to be back on your feet as soon as possible and at the same time, being considerate of the demands of your consumers.

It is therefore wise to undertake a calculated and well-thought marketing strategy, one which is aligned with your business goals yet doesn’t waste your precious resources.

Innovative Marketing strategies and planning for Small Businesses

‘Innovation is the key to Success’ and it is rightly said so, irrespective of your organization’s size, continuous innovation keeps you ahead in the ever so dynamic field and most importantly relevant in your area of operation. So we at Zivanta Analytics have come up with some out-of-the box ideas for you to implement….maybe all might not work but even if one fits the puzzle; Voila!!! Your work is done and you are steadfast on the road for success.

But before we start, we should know that there’s no magic pill for all problems, a proper calculated and well-thought-of planning is imperative to ensure businesses’ prosperity and long term sustenance, because marketing is a channel which builds a bridge between your customer base and your core business values.

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Before proceeding further, it’s important to keep in mind certain points before deciphering your marketing strategy, for instance;

  • Your target demographic base
  • Their geographical location
  • Where do they hangout online and what exactly they search for
  • What influences their decision prior to buying your product or availing your services

Until and unless, there isn’t a viable and a definite answer to these questions, creating any market strategy won’t be fruitful or let’s say it sounds like ‘building castles in the air’, doesn’t it. Without further ado, here are some strategies which can be fruitful for you, if you are a small business owner or have a start-up and want your voice to reach out to the people out there:

  1. Advertising on Facebook – With nearly Two millionsmall business owners using Facebook for their advertising campaigns, it shows that the popularity of Facebook as a medium to attract customer interest is huge and at the same time, it’s cost effective and attractive. The main reason behind resounding success for the use of advertising and marketing is because of their precise consumer targeting and profiling based on your product or service segmentation, thus reinforcing the fact that data analytics play a huge role in consumer targeting and we at Zivanta Analytics can help you achieve that by profiling your niche audience and saving your time, efforts and money.

 The ease of using Facebook Ad Manager makes it a no-brainer winner, but if your business is more oriented towards visual appeal, then Instagram can be a better platform for you to reach out.

  1. Google Adwords- By mentioning Google, it is sufficient to assume the out-reach offered by this portal; with a mind boggling figure of approximately 40,000 queries being Googled every second on Google, the way Google reaches out is incomparable. Google Ad words are not only competitive but also expensive, but if you know the way to reach out to your audience and use the right keywords and have a planned SEO strategy in place, Google Adwords can undoubtedly help you deliver relevant search results to the users. Google has a feature of assigning a relevant quality score to your ad, dependent on CTR (Click Through Rate), ad relevance and the landing page your ad sends traffic to. The best part about Google Adwords is that it is symbiotic in nature and can be paired accordingly with other marketing channels, to rationalize cost and enhance your reach.
  2. Organic Social Media – Use of Social media for interaction these days has become a non-negotiable aspect in our lives, therefore, a visible presence on Social Media of your business has to be there, and if you aren’t actively engaging on such platforms, then undoubtedly, you are giving away your share of business to your competitors!! The point of contention here is that how much actively you are using the platform and are employing suitable resources in terms of money and efforts to channelize maximum viewer attention and capture virtual audience.

The key point here is to identify whether you need to invest in such modes of interaction, for instance, using Instagram as a channel of communication is of high priority if you are in a business related to media, fashion, culinary skills, or are a social media influencer, etc. For instance during Covid many people inculcated new skills be it regarding bakery or crochet designing and opened up their business pages on Instagram and Facebook and in a short span of time have managed to amass huge popularity.

  1. Webinars- Due to the pandemic forcing people to work from home, so has the need of interaction on a virtual basis increased manifold and webinar is one such medium where virtual meets/ seminars happen on a regular basis. They can be in the form of presentation, discussion and/or demonstration.

 Webinars are commonly used as lead magnets for email based marketing and choosing the right topic can attract a large batch of new subscribers to your list. As well as webinars help in building credibility amongst your audience. Webinars are more interesting and engaging than simple videos, even if they are used in exactly the same way. Just giving the feel that it is all happening in real time, i.e. the actual start time and live Q&A makes people feel like they are getting more value than watching a pre-recorded video with the exact same information.

  1. Write a column as a guest writer – Possessing decent writing skills with a dose of creativity can do wonders for your business. Writing columns on different virtual platforms and even in print-media can help build great audience for your business, the best part about it is that it is cost-effective, many a times you won’t be paid and as well as you won’t be needed to pay, either. Column writing gives you an opportunity to regularly interact with an audience, creating an actual relationship with the respective publication’s readers. That develops a psychology of the audience who then believe you to be experts of your field, thereby creating authenticity and building long-term trust.
  2. Being part of a local business group – Being part of local business groups offer a great opportunity to share ideas with other people having various talents and interests, share and find referrals, find talent, and identify new opportunities as well as, open new vistas of growth for you. They also act as a major propeller in expanding your professional circle around your area. Though there are a lot of general entrepreneur groups, some might also be your area specific groups and they might have regular meet-ups in your area. If seriously worked upon, then these connections tend to increase manifold, and if your group networks actively and seriously, then you can seemingly translate minor connections into significant ones. Though these groups have a presence online but meeting face-to-face still carries a lot of weight and impact, and gives relationships, the much needed personal trust.
  3. E-mail Marketing- E-mail marketing still forms the touchstone of digital marketing and carries immense importance, even though various new channels have been developed. Though, it is but natural, that all the traffic that land son your website won’t convert into direct leads, but by capturing information, i.e. ‘lead nurturing’, you can use the captured data for future use and tap into the valuable target audience database which you have collected over a long time. Email marketing to attract customers, begins with a “lead magnet”. There has to be something so unique and compelling offered on your website, which shall prompt visitors to share their email address. Many ideas are there to accomplish this, for instance, giving access to a free digital download, access to a webinar, free site membership, a discount coupon, etc.

Platforms like Hubspot, offer various tools and services to promote your business and that too at no or minimal cost. These tools help you in efficiently reaching out to your target audience, as well as engage with them.

  The benefits of E-mail based marketing are many, for instance,

  • Massive outreach
  • Low or no cost of operation, in terms of finances involved
  • Offers immediate and direct communication
  • Ease of operation
  • Ease of tracking and running campaigns

 These are just some of the suggestions to get you started on with your online marketing strategies; your success depends on how creatively you are able to mould your campaign and are able to profile your customers. Not all of the strategies mentioned might work for you but even if one does work out for you, then we at Zivanta Analytics shall feel happy to be a virtual part of your success…here’s wishing you all the best!!!

Post Covid- 19 Business Ideas to look forward to!

With the pandemic now setting in for most of us as a part of our lives, it’s time to move on and look forward. USA has always been a land of thinkers and achievers, where innovation and independence are duly encouraged and with the current trends, thanks to the pandemic shifting towards online activities, the user interest resulting in increased online traffic, shall be a natural outcome. With people now working across the globe, from the comfort of their homes, any business based on the online module is expected to sky-rocket, not only they enhance efficiency but also save time, cost, and other resources, therefore, giving the entrepreneur scope to further diversify and generate new ideas, simultaneously.

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   Let’s brew some coffee and look up what business ideas are expected to boom, if pursued online:

  1. Setting up E-commerce portals specially for small businesses – With the burgeoning growth of E-commerce in USA, the revenue earned in this sector has been in billions of Dollars, though the picture looks rosy but the ground reality remains that the big whales are targeting the smaller fishes, for instance Amazon is a huge company, which makes it tough for smaller businesses to survive, in the industry; but this isn’t that bad, because it promotes ingenuity and creative ways to survive this competition. Smaller businesses are able to survive and thrive by providing shipping, storing and distribution services. With the smaller companies’ now gaining foothold, it shall be possible for them to manage their online sales by themselves, in an effective manner.
  1. Virtual Doctor Services – An overwhelming population in States is catered by the baby boomer generation and undoubtedly, contributes highly towards the revenue for the healthcare consumer expenditure sector. Therefore, considering the trend in the sector, it shall be a great decision to open a virtual clinic and further your medical practice, where you can provide medical services from the comfort of your homes and offer relief to the patients, virtually itself. This can also be of great help to the senior citizens who can’t access good medical services due to mobility issues, and simultaneously, this shall help you in expanding your services beyond the already set geographical barriers and ultimately resulting in enhanced income for you. For this all you need is, a simple and an easy to navigate website and Zivanta Analytics can help you in designing that, the way you want it to be for your target audience.
  1. Virtual Interior Designing and home uplifting services – Do you have that creative streak jump in you, upon seeing dull and lackluster properties, then providing virtual decoration and interior improvement suggestions, could be your field of action. Though undoubtedly the economy has taken a dip but this business shall never go out of sight. Re-modeling contractors can earn a handsome figure, due to their field being highly specific and in-demand. Home-owners in USA on an average spend $3,000 yearly on home-renovation services, therefore, just start with creating an aesthetically pleasing website and you are good to go.
  1. Online counseling- With the onset of the pandemic, the stress levels of people have gone up, due to the prevalence of uncertainty, be it the fear or stress of job loss or being able to physically survive the pandemic and ensure survival, as usual. The mental health industry is also looking up and there is an enhanced demand for qualified psychologists, therapists, counselors and in case if you aren’t qualified, then you can pursue a course to supplement your practice.

Online counseling can be of various types too, i.e. education and career counseling,   motivational counseling, etc. The field is huge with innumerable opportunities, the decision to pursue one, depends on your area of interest.

  1. Setting up your own online education classes- Due to the disturbance in the schedule because of Covid-19, many things have turned upside down and so has the traditional mode of education. Approximately 1.716 billion learners have been affected due to this 2019-20 pandemic. These numbers go on to show that online tutoring classes are required at this hour of crisis. So, if you are someone from the educational sector or have a vocational talent, which you can share with others, then this is the right time to tap into the booming market.
  1. Creating your own Freelancing platform – With the presence of many freelancing platforms like Fiverr, 99 designs, etc., they help you in connecting with employers based on your skill-set. You too can accordingly build such a freelancer platform, that too with minimum investment. This can prove to be a great idea because due to the pandemic, many professionals have either been laid off or their offers have been rescinded. This has resulted in an upsurge in the freelancing platform and this is the best time to build a suitable platform to capture those talents and guide them to a meaningful job, as well as provide the employers a viable range of prospective employees.
  1. Setting up your own local hyper-delivery platform- The online delivery business has gained momentum post pandemic and undoubtedly people across the world are preferring online shopping. Many of the existing online delivery companies already existing in the market, have made use of this opportunity and are doing good for themselves. But there are just few of the online delivery businesses focusing on the delivery of miscellaneous commodities. This could be your chance and a turning point for starting your own hyper-local delivery business. You could either start by delivering medicines, alcohol, every-day essentials etc and gain strong-hold over the market, as well as diversify at a later stage, once your brand is established and we at Zivanta Anlaytics can help you by providing valuable data insights by tracking your consumer behavior and create your niche in the particular sector.

 It’s true that every one of us is greatly impacted in some or the other way because of this global pandemic. But the key is to stay optimistic and progressive and take those decisions that can help you in overcoming this crisis. These are some of the ideas discussed here, start with any of the above-discussed home business ideas, and you are all set to go.

Business ideas for Start-ups to look forward in 2021

With 2020 being a roller-coaster of sorts, not only has it brought in many challenges but simultaneously has thrown up innumerable opportunities to look forward to. In a way, start-ups have a golden moment to look up to and create a niche’ market for selves. USA as a country has always been looking towards the future and it is imperative to assess the upcoming trends to secure competitive leverage in your field. Business is always about innovation and taking measured risks. With the onset of the digital economy, a plethora of options have been discovered, with many people now wanting to be their ‘Own Bosses’ and have their own independence, so we at Zivanta Analytics are throwing up some ideas for you to start your wagon!!

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  1. Small Business Cyber-security software – Do you possess a knack for technology? Do you dream of keeping hackers away? Folks, look no further, let’s look up-to creating software to protect online accounts for upcoming and small firms is also a good business to start, more so because they are tight on budget and your economical services can help them achieve their target. Consumers would any day prefer keeping their online accounts safe and secure as they indulge in transactions online. Sectors, where this type of service is most needed, are online banking and retail businesses are some that need such protection.
  2. Digital Assistant Integrations company- HNI’s and busy executives require continuous help to maintain a track of their activities and appointments in order. Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools help in enabling digital assistants which are capable of performing such tasks, which can be repetitive or dynamic and at the same time are required to be efficient. Digital assistants operated via voice commands can solve problems for instance searching for a doctor or a restaurant near to your place or switching on A.C in your home before reaching your home. IT developers, who have a knack for creating AI, have an untapped potential in this booming market.
  3. Chat-bot developer- As businesses are growing virtually, so is the demand for maintaining direct communication with their customers, and chatbots have gained immense importance. Be it small or large firms, they need chat-bots to interact with customers, depending on their needs, the chat-bots can be complex or simple in functionality. Chat-bots provide an efficient way to assist companies with their customers when they land on their webpage and surf through their products, services, and also provide feedback.
  4. Exploring Virtual Reality – The scope of VR has expanded beyond measure and now isn’t only limited to Gaming, but has spread its tentacles to various sectors like health, education, tourism, etc. Post-pandemic, the travel industry is offering Virtual tours to exotic locales of the world, all that from the comfort of your homes…how convenient and relaxing!! According to Statistica, this number would rise up-to $40 billion in revenue. So IT professionals, the world is looking up to you.
  5. Social Media Management – Though, undoubtedly a lot of competition still exists, the need for digital marketing and social advertising is never going to subside, as long as brands are there, so will be the need for their promotion. Initially, to begin with it is enough to have technical expertise and sector knowledge, but with the expansion of business, it shall be a prudent idea to have a team of experts, specializing in data analytics, algorithms, marketing, and targeted content creation, etc. to name a few.
  6. Web development – It’s always a good idea to start small, so creating websites for businesses of your friends and family can be a morale booster as well as polish your skills. You can initially offer your services at competitive rates and with time, once your efficiency is enhanced and you have a strong portfolio to build up, you can hike up your rates and offer cutting-edge services. Web development is proving to be a valuable skill to fulfill the needs for a burgeoning demand for launching and upgrading websites; more-so as nearly half of the world is using the internet to access some of the other content online. It is imperative for any developer to have basic coding skills in computer languages like CSS, HTML, JavaScript, and Java.
  7. Virtual Assistant – It’s going to pay you well if you are able to productively channelize your excellent organizational skills. The demand for virtual assistants is on the rise be it by large companies, freelancers, or any other kind of business. This also provides excellent opportunities to network and create a useful professional connection. The best part is that you have the freedom and opportunity to work from anywhere in the world while working on your professional skills.
  8. WordPress Website Consultant- WordPress is the go-to platform for upcoming bloggers and posting formal content over the web, and if you have the requisite skills and expertise over its working then you can earn handsomely. Once you have created your demand, then you can diversify your customer base and earning stream. Once done, not only can you bring relevant traffic to your website, but if you establish yourself as a successful WordPress consultant, who knows you might own your advertising agency soon!!

      These are just of the suggestions to start off with, based on your area of interest; you can diversify into related ancillary fields. The good idea is always to start, start be it small or big, but depending on your area of interest, budget, and market viability….you can be truly successful if you listen to your true calling. So fret not and jump-start your journey.

Trends in small business to look out for in 2021

‘When the going gets tough, the tough get going’

This adage stands true for everyone in every situation and the current times bear a testament to the same, and now that this year is going to end soon, it’s a good idea to amp up your game for 2021. With the Pandemic hitting people, businesses small and large alike and economies in general, those who have are far-sighted and have a better thought of strategy to work upon, shall move ahead in the race, especially when the competition is fierce. By knowing the latest trends in businesses, you not only are aware of your competitor’s next step but are also in a position to grow sales, operate effectively, reduce costs, market on the target, offer diligent customer support and finally build a loyal customer chain.

So let’s look at some of the trends which you shall look out for in the upcoming year

1. E-Commerce boom is here to stay and dominate – As per a report from Statista , global e-commerce shall touch a staggering figure of $5 trillion, within the next four years. Unsurprisingly, many big and small retailers operating from a brick-and-mortar store, are either diverging to operate online as well or have shut their stores and moved totally online. Therefore, it is of prime importance to realize the untapped and diverse importance of social media, apart from traditional importance of marketing, it can also help your business gain more sales, create new customers online and build relationship with them, develop new product lines, ship orders efficiently by maintaining a proper supply chain, etc.


2. The rising power of Voice controlled devices – Who hasn’t heard or doesn’t know about Voice command devices like Amazon’s Alexa, Google Home or Siri by Apple? Not only heard, today because of the convenience offered by these devices, they are present in majority of the households across States and are hugely popular. As per a report from Gartner , almost a third of the web searching shall be voice command activated this year. Isn’t it convenient to give voice commands and initiate a meeting while driving or maybe place a food order while picking up groceries late at night?

 This is undoubtedly an opportunity in waiting to be tapped by small businesses, which should have a ‘voice’ presence on their social media channels and website, let’s agree, ‘make hay when the sun shines’, since the field is picking up, it can give you a competitive edge amongst your competitors and Zivanta Marketing’s expert team, can exactly help you do that.

3. Tap into the boundless opportunities of remote working ­­- With the strike of the pandemic, many countries went into lockdown, thus forcing employers across the sectors to enable working processes from the perspective of the employees; spotlight was again on the topic of giving access to employees to work from home and it turned out to be successful. As a small business or organization, where you are looking to save up costs, cutting expenses on a landed property and other miscellaneous services like electricity, internet, maintenance, etc. can save major overhead expenses for you. Remote working, shall not only give your employees the freedom to work as per their convenience but also be more productive; nowadays having virtual meetings, internal apps, creating virtual check-lists etc. can be more impactful and give you the desired results in less cost, but it’s always a good idea to know before-hand the expected challenges, resultant benefits, and solutions of remote working.

4. Spotlight on Consumer reviews- The importance of relying on user reviews prior to making a purchase decision, be it a fridge or a mattress has gained tremendous importance these days, factors like cost, after-sales support etc. do play a major part but so do positive reviews which motivate the buyer and gives them an inner sense of confidence before spending their hard-earned money on a product or service. Having a collective positive audience voice on the net empowers the decision making rationale of the future buyer, i.e. if there’s a product even from a reputed company which has bad or no reviews won’t inspire much confidence but the same product having plenty of positive reviews can make the buyer sure of their decision and has more appeal to the people, at large. Since small businesses or not-for-profits don’t usually have deep financial grounding, therefore, when the actual users or audience become your brand ambassadors online, your business gains authenticity and trust, hence bringing in, the desired leads for you.

5. Growing importance of Gig economy- According to Gallup, around 36% of the workers in USA are in the gig economy, hence showing an upward trend in the rise of remote workers. This is so, because apart from earning better, it gives a sense of ownership to a person and enjoying flexibility at the same time.

As a small business, it can work perfectly for you where you won’t have to spend time and financial resources on hiring permanent employees, rather work out a convenient schedule for yourself and the gig employee to work temporarily, where they can work remotely instead of, at a permanent office.

These are some of the suggestions which can help you stay ahead in the race, as it is still sometime for 2020 to get over, thus, enabling you to use this period in the meantime to effectively strategize and build a knock-out plan.