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Business ideas for Start-ups to look forward in 2021

With 2020 being a roller-coaster of sorts, not only has it brought in many challenges but simultaneously has thrown up innumerable opportunities to look forward to. In a way, start-ups have a golden moment to look up to and create a niche’ market for selves. USA as a country has always been looking towards the future and it is imperative to assess the upcoming trends to secure competitive leverage in your field. Business is always about innovation and taking measured risks. With the onset of the digital economy, a plethora of options have been discovered, with many people now wanting to be their ‘Own Bosses’ and have their own independence, so we at Zivanta Analytics are throwing up some ideas for you to start your wagon!!

(P.C. – Unsplash, @mbaumi)

  1. Small Business Cyber-security software – Do you possess a knack for technology? Do you dream of keeping hackers away? Folks, look no further, let’s look up-to creating software to protect online accounts for upcoming and small firms is also a good business to start, more so because they are tight on budget and your economical services can help them achieve their target. Consumers would any day prefer keeping their online accounts safe and secure as they indulge in transactions online. Sectors, where this type of service is most needed, are online banking and retail businesses are some that need such protection.
  2. Digital Assistant Integrations company- HNI’s and busy executives require continuous help to maintain a track of their activities and appointments in order. Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools help in enabling digital assistants which are capable of performing such tasks, which can be repetitive or dynamic and at the same time are required to be efficient. Digital assistants operated via voice commands can solve problems for instance searching for a doctor or a restaurant near to your place or switching on A.C in your home before reaching your home. IT developers, who have a knack for creating AI, have an untapped potential in this booming market.
  3. Chat-bot developer- As businesses are growing virtually, so is the demand for maintaining direct communication with their customers, and chatbots have gained immense importance. Be it small or large firms, they need chat-bots to interact with customers, depending on their needs, the chat-bots can be complex or simple in functionality. Chat-bots provide an efficient way to assist companies with their customers when they land on their webpage and surf through their products, services, and also provide feedback.
  4. Exploring Virtual Reality – The scope of VR has expanded beyond measure and now isn’t only limited to Gaming, but has spread its tentacles to various sectors like health, education, tourism, etc. Post-pandemic, the travel industry is offering Virtual tours to exotic locales of the world, all that from the comfort of your homes…how convenient and relaxing!! According to Statistica, this number would rise up-to $40 billion in revenue. So IT professionals, the world is looking up to you.
  5. Social Media Management – Though, undoubtedly a lot of competition still exists, the need for digital marketing and social advertising is never going to subside, as long as brands are there, so will be the need for their promotion. Initially, to begin with it is enough to have technical expertise and sector knowledge, but with the expansion of business, it shall be a prudent idea to have a team of experts, specializing in data analytics, algorithms, marketing, and targeted content creation, etc. to name a few.
  6. Web development – It’s always a good idea to start small, so creating websites for businesses of your friends and family can be a morale booster as well as polish your skills. You can initially offer your services at competitive rates and with time, once your efficiency is enhanced and you have a strong portfolio to build up, you can hike up your rates and offer cutting-edge services. Web development is proving to be a valuable skill to fulfill the needs for a burgeoning demand for launching and upgrading websites; more-so as nearly half of the world is using the internet to access some of the other content online. It is imperative for any developer to have basic coding skills in computer languages like CSS, HTML, JavaScript, and Java.
  7. Virtual Assistant – It’s going to pay you well if you are able to productively channelize your excellent organizational skills. The demand for virtual assistants is on the rise be it by large companies, freelancers, or any other kind of business. This also provides excellent opportunities to network and create a useful professional connection. The best part is that you have the freedom and opportunity to work from anywhere in the world while working on your professional skills.
  8. WordPress Website Consultant- WordPress is the go-to platform for upcoming bloggers and posting formal content over the web, and if you have the requisite skills and expertise over its working then you can earn handsomely. Once you have created your demand, then you can diversify your customer base and earning stream. Once done, not only can you bring relevant traffic to your website, but if you establish yourself as a successful WordPress consultant, who knows you might own your advertising agency soon!!

      These are just of the suggestions to start off with, based on your area of interest; you can diversify into related ancillary fields. The good idea is always to start, start be it small or big, but depending on your area of interest, budget, and market viability….you can be truly successful if you listen to your true calling. So fret not and jump-start your journey.

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