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Post Covid- 19 Business Ideas to look forward to!

With the pandemic now setting in for most of us as a part of our lives, it’s time to move on and look forward. USA has always been a land of thinkers and achievers, where innovation and independence are duly encouraged and with the current trends, thanks to the pandemic shifting towards online activities, the user interest resulting in increased online traffic, shall be a natural outcome. With people now working across the globe, from the comfort of their homes, any business based on the online module is expected to sky-rocket, not only they enhance efficiency but also save time, cost, and other resources, therefore, giving the entrepreneur scope to further diversify and generate new ideas, simultaneously.

(P.C. – Unsplash, @nkachanovskyyy)

   Let’s brew some coffee and look up what business ideas are expected to boom, if pursued online:

  1. Setting up E-commerce portals specially for small businesses – With the burgeoning growth of E-commerce in USA, the revenue earned in this sector has been in billions of Dollars, though the picture looks rosy but the ground reality remains that the big whales are targeting the smaller fishes, for instance Amazon is a huge company, which makes it tough for smaller businesses to survive, in the industry; but this isn’t that bad, because it promotes ingenuity and creative ways to survive this competition. Smaller businesses are able to survive and thrive by providing shipping, storing and distribution services. With the smaller companies’ now gaining foothold, it shall be possible for them to manage their online sales by themselves, in an effective manner.
  1. Virtual Doctor Services – An overwhelming population in States is catered by the baby boomer generation and undoubtedly, contributes highly towards the revenue for the healthcare consumer expenditure sector. Therefore, considering the trend in the sector, it shall be a great decision to open a virtual clinic and further your medical practice, where you can provide medical services from the comfort of your homes and offer relief to the patients, virtually itself. This can also be of great help to the senior citizens who can’t access good medical services due to mobility issues, and simultaneously, this shall help you in expanding your services beyond the already set geographical barriers and ultimately resulting in enhanced income for you. For this all you need is, a simple and an easy to navigate website and Zivanta Analytics can help you in designing that, the way you want it to be for your target audience.
  1. Virtual Interior Designing and home uplifting services – Do you have that creative streak jump in you, upon seeing dull and lackluster properties, then providing virtual decoration and interior improvement suggestions, could be your field of action. Though undoubtedly the economy has taken a dip but this business shall never go out of sight. Re-modeling contractors can earn a handsome figure, due to their field being highly specific and in-demand. Home-owners in USA on an average spend $3,000 yearly on home-renovation services, therefore, just start with creating an aesthetically pleasing website and you are good to go.
  1. Online counseling- With the onset of the pandemic, the stress levels of people have gone up, due to the prevalence of uncertainty, be it the fear or stress of job loss or being able to physically survive the pandemic and ensure survival, as usual. The mental health industry is also looking up and there is an enhanced demand for qualified psychologists, therapists, counselors and in case if you aren’t qualified, then you can pursue a course to supplement your practice.

Online counseling can be of various types too, i.e. education and career counseling,   motivational counseling, etc. The field is huge with innumerable opportunities, the decision to pursue one, depends on your area of interest.

  1. Setting up your own online education classes- Due to the disturbance in the schedule because of Covid-19, many things have turned upside down and so has the traditional mode of education. Approximately 1.716 billion learners have been affected due to this 2019-20 pandemic. These numbers go on to show that online tutoring classes are required at this hour of crisis. So, if you are someone from the educational sector or have a vocational talent, which you can share with others, then this is the right time to tap into the booming market.
  1. Creating your own Freelancing platform – With the presence of many freelancing platforms like Fiverr, 99 designs, etc., they help you in connecting with employers based on your skill-set. You too can accordingly build such a freelancer platform, that too with minimum investment. This can prove to be a great idea because due to the pandemic, many professionals have either been laid off or their offers have been rescinded. This has resulted in an upsurge in the freelancing platform and this is the best time to build a suitable platform to capture those talents and guide them to a meaningful job, as well as provide the employers a viable range of prospective employees.
  1. Setting up your own local hyper-delivery platform- The online delivery business has gained momentum post pandemic and undoubtedly people across the world are preferring online shopping. Many of the existing online delivery companies already existing in the market, have made use of this opportunity and are doing good for themselves. But there are just few of the online delivery businesses focusing on the delivery of miscellaneous commodities. This could be your chance and a turning point for starting your own hyper-local delivery business. You could either start by delivering medicines, alcohol, every-day essentials etc and gain strong-hold over the market, as well as diversify at a later stage, once your brand is established and we at Zivanta Anlaytics can help you by providing valuable data insights by tracking your consumer behavior and create your niche in the particular sector.

 It’s true that every one of us is greatly impacted in some or the other way because of this global pandemic. But the key is to stay optimistic and progressive and take those decisions that can help you in overcoming this crisis. These are some of the ideas discussed here, start with any of the above-discussed home business ideas, and you are all set to go.

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