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Pandemic Recap – Marketing Lessons Learned

marketing lessons post pandemic

With people and businesses essentially getting back to feat, things though slowly yet steadily have started going back to normalcy and it’s time we implement the lessons learned post-COVID-19, because anything good or bad, makes us learn a lesson or two. Therefore, let’s see what changes shall be seen in marketing post-COVID-19:

1. Focus on customer relationships – Client maintenance, isn’t something that can and should be taken for granted, not only does it take time, efforts, persistence, and empathy to create and maintain customers, but they are the lifelines of your business, hence, how well you treat your customers during tough times is the key and this pandemic was a litmus test. Those businesses which treated their customers with respect and reciprocated their loyalty, ultimately survived, whereas others, who couldn’t do that, either struggled or had to wrap up.

      It’s here that you can make use of analytical tools like search engine data, website analytics, consumer behavior tracking, etc. which can play a pivotal role in guiding your marketing decisions, all this can be especially helpful for small businesses and not-for-profits, as they suffer from resource limitation.

2. Focus on cost-saving and improving ROI- Hard times call for hard measures!!! This stands true when the times are tough and COVID-19 has been one such. With businesses facing a revenue crunch, it’s imperative and prudent to take clearly thought of decisions, one which shall have a long-term positive impact on your business, because any and everything involves money, and during the current times, a penny saved is a penny earned. Having said that, it has also taught business houses to clearly demarcate the areas of need and not to splurge money on any marketing strategy or tools, but those which shall generate positive investment for you and most importantly, create a valuable stream of customers for your venture.

3. Focus on creating a better virtual experience- With people mostly now staying indoors and using web-based services for work and/or other related deeds, it has become imperative to focus and better the virtual experience offered by you. To create a facilitative virtual engagement, effective digital communication is the need of the hour. As marketers, a growing need to focus and market via various channels has evolved, wherein you offer a holistic package of consumer interaction, i.e. making it a personalized yet informative experience for your user. Not only this, but it shall also involve displaying better visuals on your website, making the process of operation smooth and effective, which captures the interest of the users.

4. Focus on your ability to adapt- Adaptability and agility; these are the two terms that have created a deep impact on any and every business. Not only has the pandemic taught the owners to think swiftly but also at the same time adapt the business to the demanding challenges on an everyday basis, during the peak of the pandemic. Being open-minded and flexible in your business operations is what the pandemic has signified, this has also renewed focus on bettering team communication and risk-taking ability. In digital marketing, it is important to keep on experimenting, not frivolously though, with which channels of social media interaction and other media have to be tapped and how they have to be tapped, so that they yield the best results; at the same time are creative, cost-effective and hence aid in building a reactive approach.


Though these are not the only lessons learned, what all has been learned and implemented can vary from business to business. It’s true that not all lessons shall carry a deep impact for you, many can be short-lived but many shall carry a long-term impact, be it maintaining a great virtual customer relationship or working in a remote community, etc. The ultimate takeaway here is to use the lessons learned in such a way that they pave way for your further success.

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