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Digital Marketing Tips for Interior Designers

Hey Interior designers, thanks to you all for making houses our homes. Your services have always been preferred by people and times have been evolving, with people now having more evolved and sophisticated tastes, as well as with so a plethora of options available in the market to revamp their abode. Times have changed and people now look for amazing services online, rather than opting for magazines or word-of-mouth, undoubtedly they carry value but online is where the actual action happens therefore, you have to be on the top of your game to ace the competition.

With the ever-increasing competition, the imperative question in front of interior designers is ‘how to reach out to the audience and market selves in the most effective manner?’ The digital platform gives a wide access to service providers and takers to use it to the optimal best and the pandemic has further reinforced that, as it has given a major boost to the digital era in gaining a foothold, hence this requires you to have a strong yet effective marketing strategy in place. There are many ways in which you can creatively reach out to your audience…so let’s start beautifying your digital marketing strategy :

  1. Sharing creative videos of your unique designs- Nothing beats an amazing audio-video and what better to grab the attention of the viewers, you can and should promote your designed items and homes, which reflect your style on various online platforms which have a high user engagement rate, be it Youtube, Instagram, etc. You can show a lot of things to people, for instance:
  • Showing your unique flair in the field by displaying your designs
  • Your portfolio which you have established or created
  • Share past users experience
  • Tap into users psychology and attract them to your business
  • Create and share design templates that can help your current and future customers in imagining and envisioning your ideas in practical space.
  1. Pinning interest on Pinterest- It is one such interesting app which provides an amazing platform to all the people in the creative field….you can use this platform to facilitate for sharing your ideas to a wide range of audience, this not only allows you to share your multitude of pictures and works creatively but also keeps an open space to function creatively, here are these ways to use the platform;
  • Once done with creating your account you can upload pictures of your work
  • Use relevant and engaging titles to attract the audience, to not only capture their interest but also pop up in relevant searches
  • Use clear HD pictures to let the users have a clear idea of your shared designs
  • Keep on sharing content on a regular basis, to engage your loyal audience

You can develop a varied and enriching profile to capture a new audience with varying interests.

  1. Use of Social Media- Any talk about digital marketing is incomplete without talking about social media, that too for a creative field like yours. The key here is to be active and engaging with your audience on multiple levels, and if you don’t have a social media account…….then what are you waiting for???? Social media should be your go-to channel to promote your work profile and accomplishments, the best part is that it is completely free yet gives the best return without any investment if the platform has been utilized in the best possible manner. You can post videos, reels, pictures and share a live feed of your projects and work undertaken to give the audience a sneak peek into your work. While you can use multiple platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc., just make sure your content is attractive, catchy, relevant, and interesting to the user. You can also engage with influencers on these platforms to help promote your brand further.
  2. Work upon your SEO – One of the ways to boost your online search presence is by using SEO techniques to enhance your brand’s exposure. SEO is used to boost your presence on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo to rise up the visibility ladder organically. Using long-tailed keywords, relevant phrases and keywords, images et al are all ways to boost your SEO ranking. You can use these targeted keywords on different pages of your website to gain user traffic on all pages of your website by using relevant search terms. You can use these keywords on your website, blogs, social media posts, just to make your content easily searchable on different search engines and show up in the first few relevant results, so that the users get to know about your business, easily. You can even use data analytics to improve the range of keywords that have to be used as per trend analysis, as well as keep a track of user traffic on a regular basis and re-work your marketing strategy if need be.

With the growing demand for your services, it can’t be emphasized more that you have to be all set and create your niche in the already competitive market.

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