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Reimagine.... Reinvent.... Redesign Your Business With Zivanta Analytics


We are thrilled to share our experience teaming up with Zivanta Analytics! At Smart Mattress Buy, our mission is to assist users in finding the best mattress to meet their needs and budget. To bring this vision to life, we knew we needed a partner who could help us with website development, design, and digital marketing. That’s when we found Zivanta Analytics. It’s been a game-changer for us!!!

Zivanta Analytics not only understood our goals but exceeded them. They delivered a website that perfectly matched our vision. First, Zivanta conducted a site audit. They confirmed that our website needed to improve its design, security, and traffic. Their SEO, content marketing, and social media expertise helped us boost our conversion and visibility online.

Zivanta Analytics created a platform for us that helps thousands of users find their perfect mattress, improving their sleep quality. We’re incredibly pleased with their work.