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We are Housing and Credit Counseling, Inc. (HCCI), a housing and credit counseling agency located in Topeka, Kansas (HUD-approved). Our mission is to provide quality education as well as counseling on housing or credit issues for individuals/families. We offer services such as tenant counseling, mortgage default counseling, eviction prevention, and bankruptcy education.
We wanted to create a website to showcase our services, inform our clients, or reach out to our community. That’s why we chose Zivanta Analytics, a data analytics & consulting company specializing in creating web portals and custom interfaces for the financial services or social sectors. Zivanta Analytics helped us develop a user-friendly, responsive, informative website that reflects our values and vision. They also provided us with services on digital marketing, content management, SEO, email marketing, data mining, and analytics. This is how they monitored our website performance, tracked our outcomes, and improved our marketing strategy.
Thanks to Zivanta Analytics, we now have a website that we are proud of and that serves our clients well. We are happy with the results so we highly recommend Zivanta Analytics to anyone who needs a professional partner for web development, content advancement, digital marketing and data analytics needs.