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Tools To Be On the Lookout for Digital Marketing in 2021

With 2020 throwing a curveball, coping with so many unknown variables at such an unexpected speed was a challenge, but it presented an untapped opportunity for Digital Marketing experts to come up with an interesting array of tools to optimize the marketing approach for the current year. These tools are like a lifeline for digital marketers, as their work requires them to don many hats at once, be it information mining or updating social media profiles, or customizing your ad reach…..Whew!!! The list is never-ending and this is exactly where these tools come in handy, so let’s have a look:

  1. WooboxIt is a social engagement platform designed to promote interactive content. The platform is known as the one which promotes turnkey solutions for running social media competitions, social media giveaways with a special focus on Instagram competitions. They help in designing and floating dedicated #hashtags, determining those hashtag entries, deciding giveaway winners on a purely random basis. Therefore, it helps in removing the backend work from any social media giveaway or competition and eases your entire process.
  2. NanigansIt is amongst a designated marketing partner for Facebook, which is multi-channel advertising software that focuses on Facebook marketing. It has software designed which helps in retargeting and various other tools which make target marketing more effective, efficient and productive, this is more so because it has access to Facebook Exchange (FBX). It is not only limited to Facebook remarketing but also focuses on the growth of other social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter ads. It is because of its wide-ranging services that it is a preferred tool amongst various web-based companies.
  3. GetResponseThis is one platform that is attuned with the growing trends of automation. So how does this work?? Basically, this software shall analyze specific user behavior and trends from your list to generate specific messages and automatic responders instantly. This results in you having a more specific, smarter, and detailed email marketing presence and most importantly an engagement worthy list.
  4. Simpli.fiThis tool offers a unique experience, i.e. it helps in extracting information from completely unstructured audience data. Unlike other tools existing in the market which rely on existing audience segments to distinguish and categorize audience data, there’s no such requirement with, which is a big bonus when it comes to working and sorting huge chunks of unstructured data.
  5. UnbounceThis is a handy tool that is amazing for newcomers to experienced designers. It helps in quickly building, changing, and publishing new landing pages to test. The USP of this exciting platform is that enables you to create brand new pages, irrespective of the fact whether you are a designer or not, you can always select a template and build your own pages by customizing the designs as per your convenience.
  6. FeedlyThis platform enables you to choose from a varied range of blogs, varied topics, articles, and publications that suit your interest, as well as it collates all of the recent content from many sites into your feed which can be monitored by you. Thereby, you can integrate feed from this website onto social media tool to share these articles with your targeted audience on a continuous basis.
  7. CJ AffiliateIt is one of the most popular choices available in the market which helps advertisers to aid in their products being picked and sold by relevant publishers. This platform has one of the largest presence of bloggers and the presence of its self-service platform makes it easier to scale one’s affiliate marketing efforts.

New tools mean a better facilitative experience for your digital marketing initiatives, who knows you might find your gem amongst this treasure trove. These tools will not only save on your time, efforts and resources but offer your audience and you a great experience in the long run… so what are you waiting for? Let’s go and create a wonderful story.

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