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Lookout For Digital Marketing Trends In 2022 & Beyond

With the pandemic raging in full force, businesses have come to realize that they have to adjust and work around the new normal. The older tricks of the trade have faded out and new ways to capture the interest of the audience; have to be worked upon. Businesses have now started investing more in Analytics, AI, et al, not only to survive but also to thrive.

This is happening because the expectations of the audience, platforms, technologies all have undergone a major change and it’s imperative to stay in the loop if businesses wish to sustain even in these challenging times.

Here we will be sharing some trends which you can opt to enhance your Digital Marketing initiatives:

  1. Want better results? Then focus on Agile Marketing- Marketing and service communications are two areas that have undergone a major transformation, especially post COVID-19. Businesses should be prepared to handle these situations and for that, they should use agile methods. One should be focused on the best of the breed approach in the selection of the marketing method one should opt for, i.e. one which lends flexibility, individuality, and personalization. One should have a forward-based approach that focuses on the development of one’s inherent capabilities which ensures timely results and reduction in un-called for complexities and complications.
  1. Optimized Testing- Though many companies used to prefer a 360-degree comprehensive interaction with their consumers, not only is this time and money consuming, but might also result in getting not-so-clear responses. This can also result in delaying the digital marketing initiative. One should opt for measures that will yield desirable results in a short span of time. This is where technology comes in, with various testing tools like Multivariate testing, Split or A/B testing, where you can get nearly accurate if not absolute results. These methods don’t require huge data to process information and give indicative genuine responses, what one is looking for.
  1. Focus on interactive email marketing- Engaging the audience with enhanced interactive tools and techniques is still not prevalent practice, across businesses worldwide. Due to the pandemic, ways of interacting with the audience have to undergo a major transformation. It is important to use attention-grabbing techniques to attain higher conversion rates, for instance, surveys, forms in emails, live videos, in-shopping videos, etc. to capture the interest of your audience. But at the same time, businesses should understand the viability of these techniques. As there are a lot of technical possibilities, but they won’t work out the same way for every client and customer. Therefore, only after proper assessment, should one decide which form of interactive marketing to go ahead with.
  1. Voice Search- The global market for smart speakers is on the rise, with China being a dominant market player of the same and the USA gaining momentum. We can expect this trend of voice search to surge in the near future and honestly with the rise in the use of smart communication devices like Alexa, Cortana, and Siri, the trend is for everyone to capture. It will be beneficial for businesses to understand and move in that direction but at the same time be aware of the challenges associated with it. These can be showing up with accurate search results, not intruding on the privacy of the people, etc. Depending upon your requirements you should show up in relevant search queries if operating a local business or display your SEO content in the most useful and productive way for the audience.

These are just some of the suggestions to get you started on revamping your digital marketing strategy for the upcoming year. The point to capture here is that trends come and go, but the key here is to understand what is that your customers are looking for and whether you are able to deliver that. These trends can definitely come in handy while trying to capture and/or create an audience for your business. So we suggest you, be prepared and go out with renewed optimism to beat the pandemic blues and focus on being the best in your field.

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