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Financial Planners- Let’s See how a Digital Strategy can Work Wonders for You

Financial services need not always be perceived as a straight jacket field, but with the continuous innovation and expansion happening in this particular sector, there is an overwhelming need to explore the untapped sector of digital marketing laden with innovation to reach a wider audience and create an inquisitive mindset amongst the untapped audience, all this can be done successfully with a well crafted digital marketing strategy.

In a short span of time, financial services have undergone major transformations and disruption that has changed the set norm followed for years. There has been a major shift in the operations of the wealth firms, regarding how do their employees work and are their consumers ably managing their finances. The way financial institutions use this data has undergone sea change; ‘Digital Engagement’ is the way forward, which basically involves establishing a healthy relationship between your brand and your customers. With growing competition and more-so with events like Covid-19, the emphasis on direct and engaging customer interaction has increased manifold, because an engaged customer is the best customer to have and most importantly serve as your loyal brand ambassadors to the outside world.

So what exactly does Digital Marketing entail?

Digital marketing is a realm that is too vast to be understood in a jiffy, but getting all those emails in your inbox as promotions or seeing suggestions on your social media, or searching for something on your search engine are all forms of digital marketing. Digital Marketing has many channels be it, social media marketing (SMM), Content creation and marketing, e-mail based marketing and campaigns, Search engine optimization (SEO), PPC advertising for instance Google Adwords, online events, and webinars, etc.

A well thought of and designed digital marketing strategy can ensure the success of your financial services firm. Thereby, it’s of immense importance to judiciously invest your time and energy into framing and implementing a highly efficient and effective digital marketing strategy that shall aid you in enhancing your SEO ranking and furthering the prospects of your sales conversion rate.

How Digital Marketing can help you

Digital marketing is an intensive and thorough field that requires in-depth knowledge and to understand the market, it is important to know about the basics from the scratch, and knowing how busy and intensive your work is, we at Zivanta Analytics are always there to help you ace this game.

Digital marketing and how can it help you;

  1. Target new customers – Digital marketing strategy if properly implemented can help you attract and target new customers and take favorable actions that your brand desires them to take. Though it’s the website visitor who has full control to initiate sales, a digital marketer, if cleverly deploys innovative actions and designs calls-to-action in an innovative manner then that can encourage the conversion to sales. Thus, having creative website designs, forms, texts, graphics, aesthetics, and content will all work in tandem to create the best results for your financial firm.
  2. Increase brand awareness – Digital Marketing can help in generating brand awareness and the necessary buzz for your business. Irrespective of you being a financial advisor, a financial planner, or run a wealth management firm, it is for you to target the customers who are looking for similar services and are willing to know about your organization’s products and services offered. Though they might have already fixated their idea to buy those specific products or services, all you have to do is make your brand interesting enough to for them to buy. A satisfied client can act as your unpaid brand ambassador, in the process help create trust and authenticity for your firm and maybe open up new avenues for your firm.
  3. Hit target audience – Digital marketing helps you gain new clients by employing the latest internet-based tools over the older methods of marketing. To design and kick-start your future course of action it is important to understand the needs and demands of your and gain insights into what your audience expects of you. By employing data analytics you can improve customer experience, inculcate good consumer relationships by gaining their loyalty, and, most importantly, improve your ROI and here is where our team at Zivanta Analytics can give you that cutting edge input for you to race ahead of your competitors by using valuable inputs after a detailed analytical study.
  4. Convert Website users to potential clients- Your digital marketing strategy’s success is determined by how ably and successfully are you able to convert the incoming customer traffic on your website into leads, resulting in sales and subscriptions. Appropriate call-to-action measures are needed on your website to enhance lead conversions; otherwise, all that traffic means nothing for you at the end of the day. Thus, the main aim for financial advisors here should be to work towards ‘conversion optimization’, there are various tools to enhance this for instance SEO, social media and e-mail marketing, etc. shall help you in achieving your digital marketing success.
  5. Building client portfolio- With digital marketing being dependant on social media tools, these days it is of prime importance to have your own social media presence and platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, etc. have become a market-place of sorts and the best part about having social media presence is the fact that you can have direct virtual interaction with your customers and target audience. According to a report, 79 percent of the consumers expect the companies to respond to their queries and comments within 24 hours time span when connecting via their social media pages, for instance, major firms like KPMG, PWC, etc. all have a considerable social media presence to interact with the virtual audience.

 Irrespective of the kind of financial services offered by you, digital marketing holds the key to your future growth and expansion and if you are toying with the idea of employing any such strategy, then Zivanta Analytics can help you achieve that goal of yours with elan.

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