Digital Marketing


Digital Marketing

Zivanta Analytics offers an ominchannel Digital Marketing strategy in line with your marketing strategy and goals for your internet marketing campaign. Every Digital Marketing task is unique with respect to each website and we ensure a thorough analysis is done on the strategy for each site before we come up with the strategy that suits best a client’s needs. Keeping up with the industry movements, we have also formulated our custom developed propitiatory analytical application which helps you with various analytical Inference to help your reach your Digital Marketing Goal in a professional and efficient process in short duration of time.

We spend time getting to know your business and its objectives or goal. Since now-a-days visitors usually search and reach the page they want to visit, so it is very important that all the pages including home page is given equal priority based on the Digital Marketing strategy which we formulate. We keep a consistent track of the pages which visitors usually land on and the pages from where they exit. Based on which we consistently try to align what visitors want to see with reference to the goal which we had set for our Digital Marketing strategy. Hence our Digital Marketing strategy and work methodology is dynamic and flexible to fit into the fast pace of change in user behaviors.

To make an efficient positioning of your brand, we need to understand how your customer will think and behave. To cope up with this ever changing and dynamic world of Digital Marketing, we set up long-term and short term goals so that our clients get benefited at the earliest rather than months of lead time.

We make the site visible from the very beginning, without sacrificing the design and with great authentic body content which gets composed by our efficient team of technical content writers. Since Digital Marketing strategy is all about targeting relevant markets, groups, etc. and keeping well connected, so we merge our Social Media Management (SEM) with our Digital Marketing strategy. Our custom developed proprietary analytics application enables you to analyze your ROI on social media activities and also provide you with hints on how and what to do next.

With the constant evolution of the Digital Marketing landscape, we keep evolving our knowledge and strategy to keep ourselves ahead of the curve, thereby helping our clients enjoy maximum returns.