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Digital Marketing- Story after COVID-19 Pandemic

Something so unprecedented like the COVID-19 pandemic, has not only affected people at an individual level but businesses and more so, world economies in general, where people weren’t prepared to handle the setbacks, resultant of the pandemic. The, digital marketing industry has immense untapped opportunity to carve their way into unexplored forms of communication and relationship building; , be it business to business (B2B), business to consumer(B2C), or even fostering connections amongst people. But it is imperative for any looking to yield that power needs to understand how and where to start from.

The importance of correct use of Digital marketing can’t be emphasized more for small businesses, especially in USA where small businesses running since years now, are finding it tough to even stay afloat, for instance one amongst many of the struggling businesses in the area of Dallas, there is one in the southern suburb of Duncanville. A lady named Phyllis Lambert, who is 71-years-old and is operating a small jewelry store for nearly 30 years now, fears that she might go out of business, according to an article shared in The Dallas Morning News. Whereas major brands like KFC, Kroger, Aldi, Starbucks etc.  have come with interactive post-pandemic consumer attraction strategies, for instance, Starbucks used solicitude and sensitivity as a part of their strategic and intelligent COVID-19 marketing plan to counter the negative effects of coronavirus, affecting not only their business but the world in general, to spread positivity. Starbucks on its Instagram account recently shared a “thank you” message directed to all the first-line workers “who are working tirelessly to keep our communities safe” and offered everyone of them “a free tall iced or hot brewed coffee” at all the participating stores in U.S.A.

Ways to stay afloat after the Pandemic gets over

As an innovative and an out-of-the box thinking agency, Zivanta Marketing shall be your friend and guide in this journey of yours, so that you can successfully maneuver your way through this tough situation on hand:

  1. Develop your brand identity and ease of approachability– For any small business to create their image and enhance their brand value via digital marketing can be pocket-friendly and accessible rather than the traditional channels, it therefore creates a leveled playing field across different sectors and markets.
  2. Creating positive and enhanced user engagement with a targeted social media strategy – When creating social media info., it is imperative to be constantly aware of how one wants to project their brand image and the way it shall be perceived by the selected audience. So, it is not only important to be precise, positive, but also be appropriate and on time, because what’s trending today might be old news tomorrow.
  3. SEO To enhance your brand’s visibility, it is of utmost importance to have a proper play of SEO in background, i.e. to maintain and enhance web traffic, have a steady flow of high intent customers, etc. Investing in a well thought of SEO strategy won’t bring overnight changes, but in the long run shall ensure your success and ensuring your niche’.
  4. Dynamic Creative Optimization- With DCO brands can automatically create all pervasive and applicable types of ad formats at a much quicker rate than what humans are capable of doing, i.e. enhancing and maximizing the customer experience through personalized ads. Automated optimization can not only save millions of dollars in marketing budget allocation but allows enhanced and effective creative flexibility and control of the message. With the coming in of DCO, brands can conveniently avoid duplication of work with regards to reformatting and resizing of ads to meet the requirements of multitudinous channels — therefore permitting them to do more with less use of resources. In such uncertain times, brands can effectively use DCO to cater to customer needs, within their budget restrictions.

 We understand that these are challenging times, but challenges always present themselves with opportunities, and this too, shall not last forever, therefore, we as a digital marketing agency are there to let your business flourish and adopt newer approaches to let you achieve the coveted business spot!

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