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Artificial Intelligence

A report on Artificial Intelligence (AI) shared by Accenture recently found that over 40% of consumers switched brands due to lack of trust and poor personalization, in 2017. 43% of the surveyed people are more likely to make purchases from companies that offer a personalized customer experience.


Hence, the importance of AI can’t be less emphasized; Consumers are more likely to go ahead with a personalized content experience, because in today’s times when everything has become impersonal and formal, creating an only-for-you experience, shall create wonders for you and make your brand a niche’ entity; we at Zivanta Marketing can help create that Improved personalized experience for your users with our expertise in Artificial Intelligence, by using state-of-the-art AI techniques. Today, AI in Digital Marketing is transforming the digital marketing space by helping brands increase productivity and garner visibility, and we at Zivanta Marketing can help you increase your revenue and cut costs through task automation, once that required human labor and intelligence.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

With the growth of mobile internet usage and smart home devices, there has been a boom in the market of voice-controlled devices and this shall go up and beyond; for your business this shall be an untapped business opportunity, waiting to bloom and Zivanta Marketing can be your partner in this un-explored territory. With the help of AI, we can help you to interpret complicated speech patterns and understand meanings from spoken search queries, which are way different from the traditional on-going practice of typed searches. As marketers, Zivanta Marketing can help you use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to optimize your content for voice based search, not only to boost your SEO and site-wide traffic but also sky-rocket your online presence, dovetailed vividly into a voice based digital sphere.

Using predictive analytics has been found to give continuous desired results across a number of important metrics. For businesses using predictive analytics, both the average profit margin per customer and customer lifetime value is twice as high.

Experian’s data shows that emails are 26% more likely to be opened when they have personalized subject lines. As per a global study conducted by Marketo, 79% of consumers said that they would only show interest in brand promotions, only if they are specifically tailored to past interactions.

Ad Optimization 

Tapping a customer’s interest is a start of the customer’s journey with your brand, and we at Zivanta Marketing realize the importance of that relationship. Zivanta Marketing shall help you in productively engaging with the customer, by putting across most useful and updated information to them, whereby, ensuring the highest probability of them responding to your efforts.

Today we see digital platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Amazon, etc. using AI based ad optimization, to track and analyze the user behavior and show relevant content based on their interest; thereby, we at Zivanta Marketing can provide you with a curated and a targeted consumer experience for your customers as well as ensuring better Rol for you, by cutting on unnecessary expenditures, thereby ensuring to show only direct ads, to engage the target market effectively and efficiently and create a positive image for your brand in the digital marketing sphere.

Data Optimization

The spurt in digital marketing has opened up a plethora of options to cater to the targeted audience, but the flip side is that of managing content and how to reach across these channels to the wider audience. It has to be kept in mind that, not all channels shall prove to be fruitful for all the leads. This process shall take experimentation and is time-consuming, in here AI removes the unpredictability and guesswork, thereby streamlining the process and increasing the impact of targeted lead generation. Therefore, Zivanta marketing’s unparalleled expertise shall smoothen the entire process for you and deliver the optimal desired results to you and making you a champion!!

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