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Why you should care about Digital Marketing

“People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it.” –Simon Sinek

This quote couldn’t have been truer, for any marketer and their targeted audience, it is imperative to sell not only their products or services but the story behind it, because ultimately, that’s what convinces the customer to be genuinely attached to your offering and most importantly, build faith over it. So, where does digital marketing come in? Digital marketing is a tool whose importance can’t be undermined for any business or profession, per se. Therefore, those who are successful have a well thought of and a well strategized plan behind their digital marketing initiatives, those initiatives are designed in such a way which tug at the hearts of the audience, thus, not only an invocating feeling of trust but also building a bridge for genuine connectivity, and we at Zivanta Marketing can precisely help you do that.

Maintaining competitive market relevance, reputation, relevance, and positive customer engagement will determine the sustainability of your business ultimately which links back to great marketing.

(P.C- Unsplash, @clarktibbs)

How does Digital Marketing help you?

  1. Helps in consumer gaining insights about your business – Avoiding guess-work is imperative to create the right set of metrics; therefore, testing a different sets of messages before hitting the targeted baseline message for your audience is the key. For every marketer, it is important to understand the needs of their target audience and create the right content to convey the message for what the business stands.
  2. Targeted digital marketing helps the business stay relevant – Sometimes businesses take everything to be fine when there is no complaint or any issue raised by the consumer but is that sufficient? Sadly, the truth is no, the most important thing to look out for is determining whether you are on the top of your consumer’s preference. Thus, it is very important to tap on the potential of staying relevant in your clients mind and this can only happen if the relationship is personal and carries meaning for the consumer. But, one thing should be kept in mind and i.e. that before rapidly acquiring new customers, due respect and importance should be given to the existing ones, not only does this help in maintaining brand loyalty but also makes the existing users feel privileged and important.
  3. It opens up avenues for revenue and boosts sales – For small businesses, start-ups, not-for-profits, earnings and savings form a major part of their sustenance. Since, in the early days the afore-mentioned types have a limited cash chest to splurge upon, that’s where proper and directed marketing plans can help you penetrate the new markets. Once, your presence is established, therefore, it shall result in generation of more cash and thus opening of more opportunities for you. This shall also enable you to have the freedom of letting go of those customers who don’t further your sustenance rather creates unwarranted burden. If proper marketing isn’t done, then you shall have to tap those limited market opportunities and work with limited clients, even if they aren’t of your liking.

In terms of sales, if the proper targeted channel has been effectively utilized and features on the priority of your audience, voila, your work is done. Hence, following a genuine yet an innovative line of thinking, shall trigger the decision of purchasing your offered product or service and if they like it, then they shall become the best investment, because they act as unspoken brand ambassadors for your business and help in generating a positive aura around your work.

  1. Maintaining an effective and an engaging channel with your audience- To stay relevant in the game is of prime importance and that can happen only if there is dynamic and vibrant engagement with the customers and targeted marketing helps you achieve that. Therefore, sharing news-worthy, fresh and relevant content is where the magic happens and most importantly being appreciative of your clients time makes them feel important. Therefore, conveying your message in a short yet engaging and crisp manner definitely rules the roost.

An undoubtedly, effective tool for you in this battle should be those various platforms of Social media, which can help in spreading your message to the people, across the globe and help them engage effectively with your organization. We at Zivanta Marketing can help you in creating and maintaining your social media channels and create useful and engaging content for your targeted audience, to help you generate the right kind of publicity.

(P.C- Unsplash, @merakist)


  1. Digital Marketing metrics help the management to make informed decisions – A proper and a detailed study of trends and their subsequent data analytics shall help the management of any company to formulate future course of action, maintain budget and undertake corrective measures, if required. Why is this data of importance, this is so because, it helps maintain a link between the business and the society, so that they are able to generate and receive the directed message, respectively. At Zivanta Marketing, we have a dedicated team of experts who can help you in analyzing the complex data for you and help you in charting out the areas for your future growth and undertake corrective actions, on a timely basis.

(P.C. – Unsplash, @campaign_creators)

 In this highly competitive world of marketing, where competitors engage in aggressive marketing to stay on top of the game, proves the efficacy and efficiency of a well designed digital marketing plan. The importance of the same can’t be denied for any business of any sector, but attracting your customers after a good research and maintaining a positive aura around your campaign can result in wonders for you; but having said that, innovation is the name of the game and hence, continuous new ways to generate attraction and engaging your customers will not only boost your image but also make you stay ahead in the race.

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