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Ways to Promote Mattresses via Marketing

Who doesn’t like a sweet reward at the end of a tiring day…the sweet sleep!! All nicely huddled in your bed, enjoying the much-needed comfort, but what makes the wait more special? Undoubtedly, a comfy, relaxing, and snug mattress…so selling a mattress isn’t only about earning profits but it also means promoting customer health and well being. So, you have to take care of marketing strategies well in advance before approaching your customers, let’s have a look at some of the online and offline marketing strategies:

  1. Let’s start with building an online presence- Having an online presence is a pre-requisite in today’s time, especially post-COVID when things have become mighty competitive and due to obvious reasons, online activity has seen a massive rise. It’s a good idea to have a website focused solely on your product range, defined characteristics of each mattress, their quality, the different types of mattresses available in the market, and with you, the latest technology available in the mattresses sold these days, etc. It’s your choice whether you wish to sell mattresses online because that would involve overhead costs, but whatever you do, just make sure to have an interactive and a creative website, post lots of informative videos, blogs, articles, etc. to engage your customers. One more great marketing idea is to promote mattresses by offering some amazing deals on great holiday eves like Cyber Monday or Black Friday, etc.
  2. The Gold which never goes old, TV or Newspaper advertising- Undoubtedly newspaper and TV marketing goes way back, but hey!! Who says that they aren’t effective or generate value? If used correctly, then these mediums will give out tremendous results. Early morning newspaper reading with a hot cup of tea or coffee is a habit by default amongst people of all generations, for many, it is enjoyable for others they have to read because of professional compulsions, anyhow, the ball is in your court, i.e. how effectively and creatively you display your ads to capture the audience. It’s because of the massive outreach and popularity of these mediums that still many businesses prefer advertising via TV and newspapers. You can make your ad stand out by offering discounts or other services as per the popular demand in your local area.
  3. Targeted Advertisements- Targeted advertisement operates on identifying your customers, because how and who can you target if you aren’t aware of your target market? It’s imperative for you to identify your target customers, i.e. research and analyze the market near the vicinity of your physical store, as well as understand, who are you targeting, the youngsters, the middle-aged, or the elderly population. Before jumping on the boat, you need to classify the customers as per their tastes, preferences, understand the family structure, patterns of buying, home-ownership, etc., these and many other relevant questions are important for you before you start an online target based marketing.
  4. Hosting and Collaborations- Hosting social events like fairs, exhibitions, etc. will give you a chance to display your products live in front of the audience. You can opt for events that are focused on selling home-based products, as those events will capture the interest of your potential customers. You can create sleepover events on weekends or holidays, during the daytime, so as to let people nap on your mattress…call for some innovative marketing…who knows they might just buy your mattress after a short, sweet nap!!! These events also serve as a good point for meeting potential business leads and offer opportunities for collaborations, for instance, you can meet and tie-up with hoteliers, wedding planners, event managers, photographers, etc., all those who can help promote your business on different levels.
  5. Create a social media page- Targeting people on social media is a tried and tested formula for success, provided it is done right. You can start off by creating a social media page, which shows pictures of your products, sharing information about those products as interesting snippets with colorful videos and pictures, to target the social media geeks, and most importantly, create a channel of interaction so as to build trust and a healthy channel of communication.
  6. Try for Mattress Fundraising- It’s a proposition worth considering, though it involves a lot of efforts and convincing on your part, if agreed upon, it can turn out to be a great success for your business. Here you can approach your local community-based schools, colleges, and similar such organizations as a part of your marketing strategy and if they agree, it would be either zero expense or literally next to nothing. For many, this is a great opportunity as it would help them collect a good sum of money in a short span of time, and your firm’s name can soar high due to being a part of a great initiative. A win-win for all!!!

 With the above-suggested ideas, you can opt for a mix of different marketing strategies, any of which is ideal for your business to grow, the main issue here is to focus solely on the needs and demands of your consumers and how to make them happy, shall be your ultimate goal….for any other digital marketing needs for your business.

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