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Tutors…Let’s Have a Class on Digital Marketing

With the pandemic taking over our lives in an unexpected fashion, people were caught a little off-guard, as the course of events was unanticipated. It’s true that COVID had and has been negatively impacting our lives, with people still grappling to come to terms with the severity of it, not only it had affected elders and grown-ups but had affected children, teens, and young adults, equally or maybe, even more than them; their play routines, interaction and education all had taken a hit, hence the need for developing a holistic online education system was felt. That’s where you people came in and offered your essential services to the precious young ones, but it should be emphasized that the services you are offering, shall reach out to the targeted audience and that can happen if your digital marketing strategy is on point, especially nowadays when people are looking for every service or product online. With an overwhelming percentage of parents believing that their children’s education will be negative due to the pandemic, it’s time for you to jump to action.

1. First and foremost, expand your reach- Digital marketing is hugely dependant on social media and it plays a huge role in ensuring success for any digital marketing initiative to create an impact. Your digital marketing initiatives can be successful if you use these channels in a unique and creative manner, let’s see some of the mediums which you can use up-to your advantage;

  • Social media channels- With nearly everyone having their presence in some or the other way on one or many social media channels, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram; it’s very important to tap your audience there and understand the audience behavior as well as capture their interest, be it by posting blogs, advice, tips, interactive learning videos, solving online queries, your aim should be to generate organic traffic initially instead of spending huge money on paid advertisements.
  • Best use of online directories- Listing yourself on various online directories and offer various offers and discounts on multiple online directories, mostly which are frequented by parents and young adults, there are many websites like, TutotrZ, VarsityTutors, Craigslist, WyzAnt, among others, where you should be actively present.
  • Listings on Google my business – Google is what comes to mind at the very first instance, when looking up for anything online, hence the importance for same, can’t be taken lightly. It is very important for you to maximize your reach amongst a wider audience and it’s important that your business is listed amongst the first few on the Google search page.
  • Youtube and other visual mediums- Due to the pandemic surge, children were now opting for mediums like Youtube to learn and study, hence you can start off by posting online tutorials, conduct live classes, host interactive sessions, et al to catch the attention of the parents and kids. You should be active and attentive in the comments section and be responsive to the queries posted, you can also generate revenue for yourself by monetizing your videos
  1. Have an easier booking process- With the surge in demand for online tutors, expectedly your schedule shall be jam-packed, and therefore it is a nice idea to slot out hours as per your availability, but it can be an overwhelming task and any sort of mismanagement can affect your working and your reputation might take a hit because of it. You can use an online scheduler tool to maintain and organize your tasks and this way you can put out your hours as per availability and if you wish to cover different areas, then you can slot it as per which day your services shall be available in a particular area; there are various benefits of having an online scheduler:
  • Booking as per convenient time slots
  • Ease of booking in a few simple clicks
  • Saving time, efforts, and energy
  • Bookings can happen via different channels and platforms, thus wider audience can reach out to you

(P.C.- Teacher Finder)

3. Use of technology to ease operations – It is important to use technology to the best of your business, therefore you should focus on reducing unnecessary and repetitive admin-related tasks and aim at automating the entire process, as much as possible. To avoid any delays, overlaps, confusion for you and the students, alike, it is best that you maintain a database of all their schedules, contact information, subject and modules covered, etc. There are various database management and automation apps and tools available in the market, which will help you save your resources and allow you to focus on attracting new students, leverage the rise in demand for your services, give a timely analytics-based report, track management, and students efficiency, etc.

 4. SEO focused website- Having a website that is attractive, creative, and useful, both for the parents and kids, shall be on your priority list, even before entering the market, because your market is virtually driven, and that can happen if your website is optimized as per SEO friendly content. Usage of proper SEO strategy shall enable your website to rank higher on multiple search engines, which will ultimately impact your visibility amongst the audience. You can create your website, customize your URL with the help of various website building tools available in the market and list various services offered by you, be it for booking a free consultation, virtual classes, your packages, and if offered, your contact details, and whatever information you wish to share with your target audience. To assess the feasibility of your website, you can use Google Analytics and various other analytics-based tools to track the performance of your website, analyze website traffic, etc.

 With people now adapting their style of working as per the new normal, it’s imperative for you to also bring yourself in sync with the current trends

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