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Top WordPress Plug-ins to boost your SEO Results

SEO plug-ins are a great way to boost to enhance the features of a website or a blog, having said that, it can be confusing for a beginner to decide as to which tool is to be used and will yield higher SEO rankings. With plethora of options available online, it is dependent on your best judgment and current needs to decide which tool shall suit your current requirement better, the idea is to use only one tool because using plenty of tools at once will result in chaos and confusion for you and there shall be more conflicts, making you further unclear as to how and what tool to use.

Let’s have a look at some plug-in tools to help you get started:

  1. Yoast SEO – When it comes to WordPress plug-in, Yoast undoubtedly takes the cake, as it offers complete website optimization to improve your website. The reason for its popularity is easy to identify because not only it is flexible but also offers ease of usage to everyone, even the beginners. There are many features like XML sitemap functionality, Page analysis tool, offers easy addition of SEO titles to all the posts on your webpage, Yoast helps you in keeping track, by telling you what is to be done for perfect page analysis, and these are just some of the best features offered by tem.
  2. SEMRush- SEMRush is undoubtedly one of the most frequently used tool by bloggers, content writers, professional SEO experts, digital marketers, etc. this is because it offers a holistic set of tools which enables the traffic to grow. It helps in finding for the appropriate organic keywords and search for terms that can help in ranking, it also enables you to do competitive research and look up for which keywords your competitors rank for and how you can go ahead of them. SEMrush’s SEO Writing Assistant tool assesses the content written by you and ranks iton certain criteria, for instance whether your “content is SEO friendly”. It offers you assistance, where you are able to see some written suggestions which aim at improving your content specifically directed for search engines.
  3. W3 Total Cache – Focusing on the speed of the website, is an important aspect which needs proper attention and W3 Total Cache exactly helps you in doing that. Google also takes into account the speed of a website when it comes to ranking, so this is one aspect which shouldn’t be taken for granted. Though it might not seem easy to use at first, but it all is made worthwhile when not only your site speed is enhanced but also it facilitates the overall user experience, especially when there is heavy traffic on your website.
  4. All in One SEO Pack – As the name suggests, it offers a complete solution of required tools to boost your websites SEO ranking, it is designed to aid you in optimizing WordPress Websites and related content for search engines. It is specifically designed to enhance your SEO rankings with specific features like XML Sitemap creation, meta-tag generation, image sitemaps, The main point of attraction is the ease of usage it allows you aided by ease of setup and giving you the control to access different things with the help of a feature manager.
  5. Broken Link Checker – As a tool it does what the name says, i.e., help in regular and updated management of your blog or website, by checking for missing images or broken links, irrespective of your websites size. Broken links need to be paid attention to, because they impact your site’s performance, if there are quite a few broken links then not only would it impact the ability of a search engine to track your website but also creates a negative impression on your reader. Some of the features of the tool which aid you in creating a seamless and a facilitative user experience are ability to track and trace links in comments, posts, pages, etc., option to stop search engines from following broken or deleted links, detecting any dead or non-functional link, etc.
  6. Rank Math – The popularity of this particular tool has been increasing substantially because of the free features offered from the other service providers, as well as, is a user-friendly plug-in that helps you in optimizing your website and social media channels. It comes with a setup wizard that shall help you in importing data from other SEO Plug-ins during installation. Some of the main features are options to add Open Graph metadata to your blogs, generate XML Sitemap, Google Search Console integration, integration with snippets, etc.
  7. Squirrly SEO- It is getting popular day by day, because it acts as anI.-based Private SEO Consultant (as mentioned on their webpage), the main point of attraction is that it is free of charge and that it is technologically enabled by Machine learning and cloud services, making it efficient and effective, keeping abreast with latest technological advancements and rapidly changing digital marketing needs. The tool is suitable for those who aren’t SEO experts and are still learning tricks of the trade; this tool helps you in getting better search result rankings by enabling you to develop more user-friendly and interest piquing content. The tool helps you to do SEO audit, generate better keywords amongst many other facilities.
  8. Rock Convert – Rock Convert is one such tool that helps you enhance the conversion rate of your web-pages and how it does that is, by simply strategically placing CTA’s and banner images throughout your content and that too, automatically. This not only saves your time and efforts but also enhances the visibility of your blog or website content, thus making it a win-win situation.

 The above mentioned are just some of the tools which are available for your use, SEO plug-ins are highly helpful and productive tools to enhance and optimize your digital marketing strategy and improving search rankings. The best tool is that which matches your demands and effectively increases the visibility of your webpage.

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