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Reasons why Digital Marketing plans aren’t always successful

Digital Marketing is as easy and simultaneously as tough for the marketer, simple, if the proper strategies have been put into place and tough because it’s always dynamic and needs undivided focus to target your campaigns to yield the desired results. With the economies now opening up and major changes being observed across consumer palettes, it goes without saying that the older decisions and style of approach have to undergo visible changes to stay relevant in the game. So why does it so happen, that even after putting in efforts, money, involving meticulous planning and time, plans go wrong? Let’s see some points which can help you further streamline your efforts and help you achieve the desired results.

Reasons why Digital Marketing plans fail?

  1. Lack of clarity regarding vision and mission of your organization and campaign goals.
  2. Lack of understanding of your competitors or under-estimating them.
  3. Inconclusive core marketing strategy.
  4. Lack of clarity on the product and services offered by you and inability to define marketing persona on that basis.
  5. Unclear understanding on your industry standing and how to operate there, therefore, being unable to position yourself strategically.
  6. Lack of proper tracking of your business goals and digital marketing plans and if there’s no sync maintained between the two on a timely basis, and then it will definitely create huge issues.
  7. Inability to drive traffic to your webpage without converting traffic to leads, or
    getting the wrong traffic, because there’s lack of regarding understanding which keywords are needed to show up in Google.
  8. Not using the correct type of digital campaign and mode of their delivery.
  9. Being impatient with results, because sometimes it takes even more than a year for your efforts to fructify.
  10. Insufficient budget allocation for Digital Marketing.
  11. Poor customer relationship which can result in bad reviews for your business, leading to bad word-of-mouth publicity.

These are just some of the reasons why digital marketing plans fails to yield the desired results, listed below are some ways for you to re-orient your digital marketing strategy if it is floundering:

  1. Attention on Re-marketing/Re-targeting – This is a type of paid advertising which isn’t resulted from a search by someone, but this happens once a person already is aware about your website and the product or services offered. The ad display you see while you are exploring the Internet is an example of remarketing. There is also a subset of this known as dynamic remarketing, wherein the content of the shown digital ad changes as per the change in the content on your website. These types of ads are mostly seen for the Automotive Dealer industry where vehicles are changed on a regular basis.
  2. Streamlining Content-based marketing – Freshly brewed coffee and freshly curated content, both have one thing in common, i.e., they both attract people by re-invigorating their senses, thereby, the importance of attractive content churned out on a regular basis, shall give your business the much-needed boost. Content written for educational purposes and focused on Call to Action (CTA) at the end; can help your business further. Attractive content not only helps your website rank higher for keywords but also gives the readers a peek into your business.
  3. Back-linking/ Off site SEO – This is a highly imperative tactic which can be effectively used for building trust and authority for your website on the various search engines, as these two factors determine how well your website shall rank. A trusted and authoritative website implies a better experience for users who land on it; this is simply because the search engine’s main aim is, that their users have interactive search experiences on their platform.
  4. Social Promotion – Any content which is created and posted by you should be shared across various Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, etc. Considering this, it is best to create informative and educational content, so that it attracts the attention of the users and doesn’t seem preachy at the same time, thus, achieving your goal of high customer engagement.

These are some ways to achieve your desired digital marketing goals and any error or deviation if tracked timely can be nipped in the bud. Digital marketing is very interesting and can deliver wondrous results if properly planned and implemented, and Zivanta Analytics can help small businesses and not-for-profits to grow your business fast and deliver desired results.

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