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Non-Profits lend your ears…ways to hack your growth!!

The importance of a well thought of and strategically placed digital marketing campaign can’t be undermined for any industry or any sector, more so, for small businesses or non-profits who wish to gain mass appeal and traction amongst the society, so we request you to lend us your ears and we will share some tactics to help you reach your way to the top.

How do you influence people to display a keen interest in your cause and resonate with what you say, is the most important key to directly hit upon the success tab, therefore ensuring that your message is well received.

To ensure that people hit upon that coveted share tab of their respective social media profiles and making your post go far-reaching, it has to generate high arousal emotions and connectivity. In today’s tough times, when people are reaching out to each other selflessly and want to be seen as kind and generous, that means they care about their reputation and this is applicable, for society per se.

How to emphasize on hitting the right chords?

  1. Building Social Pressure– Why this works without fail is the fact that, there is a push from the very first person who initiates this and puts pressure on his/her friends, family and social circle in general. The most successful example was that of the Ice bucket challenge, where celebrities across the globe, lent their support and making it a resounding success.
  2. Theory of Self – presentation- Self-presentation is behavior that tries to convey information about a person or project an ideal image of oneself to others. Imagine an act that makes you look so selfless! A good idea undoubtedly.

Imagine combining these two ingredients and you have a recipe for a successful campaign, for instance, let’s see a very successful charity campaign run by Charity Water, called as The Birthday Pledge, where people were encouraged to donate their next birthday to the cause and create a positive impact on the lives of others.

(P.C.-  Charity Water)

We will here list out Five growth hacking strategies which non-profits can implement, at no exorbitant cost and ensure success, because one small step ensures distance in miles;

  1. Work upon your website footers – Who thought that the footer of your website can create an impact, but if used well enough then yes it can. Strategic placement of your social media profile icons, which when clicked upon can direct t your social media profile, thus increasing traffic and generating leads.
  2. Optimizing Blog content for SEO- It is highly important to craft targeted blog content with the placement of right keywords, and this is of prime importance because of the fact that this will generate interest of users and increase website traffic. SEO is perpetually changing and shifting courses, therefore, simply adding meta-tags won’t help much.
  3. Focus on Conversion Rate Optimization- How many clicks does it take for a user on your app or website to reach to the donation/fund-raising page and what is the conversion rate, is the key to the matrix which should be of prime importance. Prioritizing and optimizing this process, will make it not only quick and smooth, but give a facilitative experience to the user, who would carry a positive image of your website.
  4. Explore Google Grants policy and other specific CSR initiatives- Google has an attractive policy for small businesses and non-profits to help them gain traction as well as train them on the ground, here Zivanta Marketing can help you in securing these grants, with a detailed hand-held approach. It will also be a wise step to identify those organizations whose CSR policies align with your interests’, this won’t only give financial leverage but also a much needed social image boost.
  5. Participating in Group discussions- One of the most effective yet an under-rated way to increase your website traffic and enhance brand value is to constantly participate in online discussion groups. Most effective and advantageous groups are those which are closely aligned with your cause or the broader nonprofit community. This shall not yield immediate results, but with a continuous and a well-thought-of strategy in place, it can result in unmeasured growth in the long term.

Platforms like LinkedIn and Idealist groups are amazing for nonprofits and result in generating awareness, which is of prime importance. It is for you to decide and experiment to see which groups respond favorably to your pieces of content and insights.

Use these strategies to put your plan into motion, definitely, there can be more ways to and this may result in confusion, but some efforts, diligence, and ingenuity can lead to amazing results for your organization.

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