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Marketing Strategy for Amazon Sellers

Amazon, who hasn’t heard about the name; with it leading the global e-commerce platform, the opportunities offered to earn a fortune for oneself on it are multiple. There are various sellers who are selling a multitude of products on the website, which means people have a plethora of options to choose from for buying a single product, hence it implies that you as a seller have immense competition on hand and have to stand apart. To do that, you have to have an interesting and a well thought of marketing strategy in place and differentiate your business from others as well as create an identity for your brand.

Amazon serves as a benchmark marketplace and helps the customers make purchase decisions; this is so because of the mammoth size of the E-commerce giant, because of which it offers an endless variety of products, covering a huge spectrum, even bringing to notice of the customers those products which the consumer might initially be unaware of and because of this approach, which is holistic in nature, this results in them offering competitive rates as compared to many e-commerce platforms.

Let’s see some ways you can attract business for your product offering on Amazon-

  1. What looks good, sells good- Undoubtedly, when it comes to purchasing a product based only on visual cues, having professional and clearer photos, covering all the aspects of your product is imperative. Avoid posting unclear and hazy pictures, because that would portray to the customer that your product is either of low or bad quality, thus, fueling the feeling of mistrust or lack of interest, this is so because there is no physical contact between you and the buyer. Your product’s efficiency and need of the customer have propelled this forthcoming transaction, therefore anything and everything you do shall maintain transparency and genuine trust and most importantly evince interest.
  2. Advertize, Advertize, Advertise well- Advertising your Amazon Listings should be your prime focus and this you can do with the help of analytics. The external promotion will undoubtedly help you gain many visitors on your Amazon product listing page, this kind of advertising can be successful with the appropriate usage of SEO, back-links, and target advertising on various social media platforms. One more way of generating customer interest is by the way of content posting, which can happen with regular blog posting, where you can create a backlink between your blog and the product posting. External promotions help you stand apart from other competitors as well as, increase your sales.
  3. Definitely own the Amazon buy box- What exactly is an Amazon buy box? So basically an Amazon buy box is a detailed page on your offerings. This page allows the customers to initiate their purchasing process by selecting and adding desired products to their shopping carts. Owning a buy box isn’t easy at all, because of the unknown Amazon algorithm at work, which determines the product included, but if you are successful in owning one, then your sales might have an incredible jump. It is important for each seller to have an Amazon buy box, to sell the same products as their competitors. The criteria for winning a buy box are many, for instance, paying attention to stock inventory, fulfillment options, positive customer reviews, seller ratings, lower price, etc.
  4. Keywords make all the difference- Keywords can make or break your business, use of absolutely clear and indicative keywords can create magic for your business. Appropriate long-tailed keywords placed strategically in your product description, title and bullet points will enhance the visibility of your products, thus helping consumers find what they are exactly looking for.
  5. Price Works- On one hand, Amazon offers you a platform to sell and market your products; on the other hand, this means that there would be immense competition amongst multiple sellers, selling the same product. So the best way to gain your market strength and presence is by offering competitive rates. People visit Amazon to find the best rates for any product they wish to buy and hence do proper research before-hand; pricing becomes a primary deciding factor before going ahead with a purchase. Until and unless, your product isn’t extra-ordinary or unique or caters to a niche audience, that means you are competing against a pool of sellers selling regular products. Hence, your research has to be on point regarding the pricing offered and with the low price policy of Amazon, you can and should match prices with it, on a continuous basis.
  6. Test and Test, so that you are the best- You should pay detailed attention to product listings on your products listing page, and this can happen if you test everything on a continuous basis, this will help you in boosting your Best Seller Ranking (BSR), because let’s face it, who doesn’t like staying on top and be everyone’s apple of the eye!!! You can do split testing to shoot up your product listings, as this type of testing allows you to test two versions of listings with different titles and images, targeting different keywords. Hence, if done correctly and consistently, you can optimize your listing and spear ahead of your competitors.

 Amazon is truly synonymous with its counterpart, The Amazon Rainforest, with the presence of too many products, way too many buyers and sellers have made the platform competitive, but with the above-suggested strategies, you can maneuver your way to success. You can start off by optimizing your page so that your marketing efforts can bring traffic to your website, convert leads into final sales, enhance your profit, and most importantly your visibility amongst buyers.


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