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Let’s Focus on Some Digital Marketing Strategies for Dentists

Being a dentist isn’t an easy job at all; it takes a lot of effort and patience, most importantly a major chunk of your time. Having said that, we truly understand that apart from servicing the clients, there is hardly any moment for you to focus on marketing your own-self, as it is truly said that time is a resource which is scarce, thus it has to be managed effectively, in such a way that it yields optimum results for your practice, i.e. spreading a word for your practice as well as getting more customers.

A balanced and a focused digital marketing strategy, especially post-pandemic, is the need of the hour, more-so because people and doctors both are cautious to avoid the spread of the virus, the genuine possibility is heightened in your field, as it involves close communication, thus, it’s important to dispel the unfounded fears, take full precautionary measures and focus on reviving or betterment of your current prospects.

  1. Highlight the safety measures and protocols- Focusing and ensuring your customer’s safety, should be the priority, especially after COVID-19, where there is genuine fear amongst people regarding the transmission of the virus, therefore, the onus lies on you to alleviate their fears by providing a safe, well sanitized and a clean environment. You should emphasize by marketing the steps taken by you, for instance, maintaining proper distance in the waiting room, sanitizing the procedural room and yourself after every treatment, screening every customer prior to them entering the premises, every member present in your clinic wearing a PPE kit, etc. By focusing and building your marketing campaign on these points, not only will you build trust but also reflect a positive and responsible image of your practice.
  2. Use of Facebook’s demographic targeting- With the wide range of population this channel caters to, it goes on to show the popularity level of Facebook. With people from across the globe, using this as a medium to interact with others, it will be a wise decision to use the data generated by them to your benefit. Here, you can use the demographic data generated by Facebook, based on profiling people as per various divisions, be it gender, language, employment status, interests, etc. to the best of your interests. For instance, you can target the consumers in your area and show them your ads at the forefront, the target audience and their interests can vary from area to area, thus, your ad display and design should be customized as per your business’s needs.
  3. Remarketing Ads- Remarketing as a tool is highly effective and persistent, but care should be taken that it doesn’t become too intrusive, as that might then turn away the target audience from you. Re-marketing means reaching out to people who have already visited your website and showing them specific ads to re-capture them on various other websites. Therefore, if you have been collecting the email addresses of your customers, then bam!! You have an effective marketing tool at your hand, i.e. you can use them to your advantage via Google and Facebook ads. You can use the already existing email addresses to develop a remarketing audience and design such ads that would motivate your target audience to visit your clinic again, maybe as a reminder for cavity checkup for their children or just a regular tooth cleaning process…it can be anything, just that it targets the correct audience.
  4. Highlighting emergency keywords- Dental pain is excruciating and most of the time, it flares unexpectedly, and therefore, people who search for emergency dental services should see your clinic’s name at the top. This means that you should use high Call-to-action words (CTA’s) related to your practice, for instance, words like ‘Emergency’, ‘Urgent’, ‘Urgency’ can provide your business the required footfall. Having said that, the success depends on various factors, for instance, you should highlight your CTA’s, make them personalized, and most importantly, be receptive to the customers who call you up for booking an appointment and Voila!!! You are good to go for welcoming more customers.
  5. Using Google maps ads- Google Map Ads are an effective and highly efficient tool to help you in connecting directly with your clients. So how does this work? The basic idea here is that as soon as a potential customer enters terms like dentist or dental clinic into the search bar, results are automatically shown on the map and on the search results list, wherein a side column shows up the name and contact details of the listed doctors. While searching on mobile, you can also see directions and highlighted CTA’s.
  6. Use of technology; tele-dentistry – With the pandemic on peak and people being unable to get out of their homes, solutions were to be found out and one such which was the need of the hour was telemedicine. Irrespective of the pandemic, people would fall ill and need doctor’s advice, but due to obvious restrictions, many doctors started offering their consultancy services via online mode, this is undoubtedly safer and cheaper, and the potential for it to grow is huge; though since it has just started, some teething troubles are bound to exist but with further evolution in technology and ease of adaptability, this shall definitely be a game-changer in the medical field.

(P.C- Gigadocs)

With the pandemic now easing out and life getting back to normalcy, albeit at a slower rate, it’s time to go out and re-capture the lost ground with the help of the above-mentioned ideas, because at the end of the day, the services offered by you aren’t for earning profits but to help people, at large.

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