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Let’s Drive Up the Marketing Lane- Digital Marketing Strategies for Automotive firms

(P.C.- PR Newswire)

 With the world of marketing having a deep impact on everyday lives of any being, this field has an undeniable impact on many decisions we undertake, be it buying of products or using marketing strategies to sell products or services, etc. Post pandemic, the market scenario has become immensely competitive, and the world of marketing is undergoing rapid transformation, too. Therefore, you as an automotive agency have to be on your toes, with the changes in consumer preferences, you too shall have to adapt to the changes, earlier the preferred mode of advertisement would be radio or TV ads or newspapers but today online modes of media are used to influence the buying decisions of the people.

If you aren’t successfully using the available social media platforms to gain consumers and publicize yourself, then you are losing out on a huge market to your competitors, let’s say you are serving your customers to them on a plate!! But one thing which has to be kept in mind before putting into effect any marketing strategy, i.e. to build and gain consumer trust, because the consumer here is investing a huge amount of money, which shall impact their finances and investment, therefore building transparency and trust should be the main aim of your marketing strategy. Let’s have a look at some of the marketing strategies which you shall undertake to enhance your sales:

  1. Best use of Google’s services- Open your laptop or phone, what comes to your mind….no prizes for guessing…Google does flick in your mind, even if you didn’t plan to think about it. That’s the impact of Google, which is undeniable, so why not tap it for the best of our use? Before making any purchase decision people do a comparative study and why shouldn’t they? Anything that involves monetary transaction is important and worth consideration, and this was validated by a study by Kenshoo which mentioned that 70% of consumers who researched about cars first look up-to search engines.

The very first step here is to have an effective Google Ads strategy so that your ad listing is reflected in top search results, because the first results displayed get the maximum number of clicks, definitely because they are more relevant and saves the time of the people to scroll down (SERP). So you can initiate by using Google Ad extensions to enhance your chances of lead interaction, using relevant keywords suiting your ads, weeding out negative keywords, etc.

                        (P.C.- Izmo Cars)

  1. Focus on Competitive keywords bidding- Search engine marketing these days is driven by analytics and keyword monitoring, for instance, keywords like ‘buying a new Mercedes S-Class’ is common and a definite requirement but with the fierce competition out there you have to make sure that your name crops up even when your competitor is searched for, therefore having a compelling ad copy is imperative. This you could do by targeting a particular audience segment and adding value to your headlines ad by using targeted and long-tailed keywords, but avoid using any negative connotation or references for your competitors, as that would reflect poorly on you as well as Google might time you out for that, instead, you can bid for your competitors brand names and design creative, engaging and persuasive ads to get people to visit your website, rather than those of your competitors.

    (P.C.- Kogneta)

  1. Target the right audience- For any campaign to be successful it is very important to target the right audience, any campaign which is designed but not targeted towards the right audience, won’t deliver the desired results, hence all your attempts and resources will go futile. Before starting you need to see what type of automobile business you wish to market, what kind of clientele you wish to target because customers who wish to buy a Toyota will have different queries and concerns than those buying an Aston Martin, but one thing is for sure, that concerns there will be and those have to be tackled in the most effective way possible, more-so because it involves a heavy monetary transaction, irrespective of whether it is for social status and prestige or for utility sake. The main point here is to deliver the critical message to the right person at the right time to ensure conversion.

(P.C.- Gravy Analytics)

  1. Re-marketing…never grows old!!- Remarketing is an essential part of any digital marketing strategy adopted by an automotive firm; with the immense competition on hand and which has further deepened thanks to the pandemic, therefore it is important to not let go of the leads in the initial stage of marketing, i.e. those who visit your website. Capturing your leads with the help of gentle and interesting re-marketing ads, shall ensure that they remain within the funnel, this also ensures that there is the lesser rate of abandonment by the customers, as they are reminded timely of your presence, but just a word of caution, i.e. avoid going overboard with it, otherwise, this may have an opposite effect, as too much presence of your ads will irritate the customers, thus, there has to be a right balance of ad targeting, and we at Zivanta Analytics can exactly help you achieve that.

(P.C.- PR Newswire)

  1. Attract people to your showroom- Attractive offers, competitive pricing, fabulous sales services, and helpful after-sales service all account for attracting consumers to your showroom. A successful digital marketing strategy is one that involves convincing consumers to pick your brand over competitors; if you can’t offer deep discounts, then you can offer interesting incentives to attract people for instance discount on their first car maintenance round or free oil changes, etc. what you wish to do and what you offer totally depends upon your business requirements. The deal is to create interest and flutter amongst your customers so as to propel them towards you.


 We hope that this list helped you in starting your journey towards building a successful automotive brand; here are some more suggestions to help you build your brand:

  • Work to create an engaging and a vibrant social media community
  • Work on SEO to improve your website rankings on search engines like Google or Bing, etc.
  • Have a healthy marketing mix of different marketing channels, i.e. both social and orthodox media channels, so as to widen the ambit of your consumer outreach and capturing
  • Work on developing a successful PPC campaign, this would involve research and deep study on your part

Digital Marketing is tricky to start off with, but once you know your target market, your budget availability, and how you wish to approach your consumers, then the ball lies in your court.

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