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Let’s Account for Some Digital Marketing Strategies for Accounting Firms

Digital Marketing is one such tool, which carries importance for any and every business, irrespective of the size, services offered. Digital Marketing offers abundant opportunities for all established businesses and not only new ones, but it also offers great opportunities for brick-and-mortar setups and not only for e-commerce or online-based business platforms, rather for the brick and mortar ones but it also throws open a plethora of opportunities, i.e. even the customers who weren’t aware of you can look up for you on web and contact you for services.

A well-designed marketing strategy and using targeted marketing techniques can help you in reaching out to a wider audience in your local area, grow your business exponentially by building inroads at the most times of the year, in terms of finances, be it at the end of Financial year or the tax season, etc., offering friendly services thus, making a lasting impact on your customers. Strategic placement of ads across different websites with the help of analytics, or making content relevant and easily searchable across different search engines with the use of appropriate SEO words, etc. all can help you reach your goal of growing your business day in and out.

(P.C.-Unsplash, @kellysikkema)

Let’s have a look at some of the ways you can optimize your digital marketing strategy:

  1. Appropriate use of Social Media Platforms- Use of social media as a platform has grown without any limitations, and it is being used by a multitude of businesses, the ones who are successful are the ones who know how and when to target their audience and adopting a mix of strategies, as per the demands of the sector. There are various ways for you to gain attention amongst your consumers, i.e. invest in promotional activities on Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, etc., as well as share some important snippets of trivia, knowledge on a regular basis, thus enhancing your customer outreach and subsequent retention. A golden rule to ensure the success of any social media strategy is, maintaining regular customer interaction, i.e. be active on all platforms, whether it is liking, sharing, or commenting on comments or queries, related to your business, this shows that you are active and available to your customers easily.
  2. Work with Webinars- With the current pandemic, people have curtailed going out for availing many services, including meeting lawyers, accountants, even doctors, until it’s unavoidable. One highly effective to stay in touch with your consumers is via webinars, live Q&A videos, and pre-recorded videos/podcasts, which shall help in disseminating information to your consumers, but also provide you with an opportunity to tap into those customers, who are yet to know about your business. Webinars prove as an excellent source of customer engagement, help in establishing value and credibility for your business, and most importantly, helps in the generation of new business avenues, for your organization.
  3. Use of Good old Paid Web Advertising- Effective use of social media and search engines like Google, Facebook, and/or LinkedIn to target your consumers, can go a long way to ensure popularity and success for your business. With the availability of many paid tools for ad advertising like banner ads, SERPS, etc. to effectively target your customers, be it existing or the potential ones, these tools if channeled productively, prove their worth of investment. Digital advertising isn’t only cheaper in comparison to the conventional modes of advertising but also help in building consciousness about your services amongst a wider range of audience. One very famous platform for displaying digital marketing ads is Google Ads, as this platform allows business owners and digital marketers to place classified ads on the most visible sections of the search engine; these are the ads that pop-up when a person searches for any relevant query related to your business, and if your ads have aptly placed SEO and other relevant keywords placed strategically, then it’s a win-win game for you.
  4. The Trick that Never Get’s Old; E-mail Marketing- This is one strategy, which never gets old, undoubtedly the mode of the e-mail campaign has gotten old, but till today if planned out effectively, still remains an important and highly effective medium of reaching out to your consumers. Yes, unlike the earlier policy of one size, fits all; nowadays e-mail based marketing can turn in the most effective results for your marketing initiative if the content which is shared, is personalized and of relevance to the consumers.

 Getting desired response on your digital marketing ads isn’t going to happen over-night, but it shouldn’t deter you from waiting and investing in a good marketing plan, which can yield wondrous results for you; the key here is to learn from your mistakes and rectify them and as time goes by, not only should your business be famous but also there would be your ever so growing consumer base.

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