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Knock Knock!!! Who’s There??? Some Digital Marketing Strategies for Home Services

Online searches have gone up for any service or information required by the people, which has been pushed further by the pandemic. Nowadays, everyone wants a quick, easy and reliable solution to their queries, hence if you aren’t having a good digital presence, needless to say, you are missing out on a lot of business. The home service industry is no different and digital marketing has given the much-needed impetus and provided a level playing ground to compete on a larger level.

Carefully designed and strategized online marketing strategies aimed to gain attention, engage customers and convert them into profitable leads, continue to capture the market, but it is important to foray into the digital landscape, only if your strategy is well on point because the competition is extremely fierce and competitive. It is important to know and understand your customer’s preferences, how are they searching for the required information online and what results are they expecting from the online search.


  1. SEO – SEO  is the key to ensuring your digital marketing success, to understand how SEO can be useful, your first step should be to understand the online behavior of your future customers, and what they wish to see when they are looking for someone like you. Your services or your firm’s name shall be one amongst the top search results when someone searches for results based on your services offered, for instance, ‘Plumbing services in Phoenix’ or ‘House repair services in Alabama’, etc. Your main focus should be on optimizing your website to boost your subsequent search results, by curating content based on keywords around your services offered.
  2. Focus on the Leads – People who land up on your website or are searching for you, need not necessarily book your offered services, but what can distinguish you from your competitors is, how well do you target and nurture the leads into prospective clients. It is important for you to be in cognizance of your customers on a regular basis, this you can do by sending out regular blog newsletters and design email marketing campaigns to stay on top of the mind of your customers.
  3. PPC- Pay-per-click advertising in short is basically buying ad space on search engines like Google or Bing, to remain on top of the search results. This is important because these ads are placed and shown above the organic results, hence catching the eyes of the consumers, who will undoubtedly prefer going to the top search result, before going further downwards towards unpaid results. It is basically an investment of sorts, which shall help your business sustain in the minds of the people, for a long while.
  4. Social Media Marketing – People always prefer interaction, which is more genuine and authentic, as this creates a sense of trust and reliability. Your presence across various social media platforms shall enhance your visibility and user engagement and this you can do by having an interactive channel, for instance posting pictures of your work done, sharing interesting experiences, consumer success stories or publish content relevant to your work, so as to inform people about your special services and what makes you stand apart from other competitors. The key here is to understand that, higher the social media engagement, the higher the possibility of your posts being reflected on other people’s profiles.
  5. Encouraging customer reviews – One way to publicize oneself, at no or minimal cost, is to have some great customer reviews supporting your services over various social media platforms….isn’t it correct, more the merrier!!! If you have a strong inflow of leads coming your way, then you should focus on making them permanent, and pleasing them, should be your priority. If your customers are pleased then you can ask them to share their experiences as reviews over platforms like Facebook, Angie’s List, Google My Business Page, Home Advisor, etc. You can incentivize your customers if they review your services honestly, for eg. Giving them a discount on their next booking, additional free service, etc., this way your customers shall give authentic reviews, act as advertisers for your brand if they are happy and this too shall promote your brand amongst others because people trust honest reviews over paid advertisements.

 So what are you waiting for, let’s roll the ball over and work actively towards achieving your goal of creating an established brand name for your services, gain traction, and beat the competition to stay at the top of your game.

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