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How to create an Aesthetic Brand identity on Social Media

Aesthetics for any and everything always have an impressionable presence, which aids in not only creating a positive aura of that particular object but also reflects the style of your business entity. With a plethora of businesses having their online presence, the competition to stand apart and creating your own unique identity is gaining traction day by day, therefore, it is important to stand apart from the crowd and that shall happen if you invest in creating and building your brand aesthetic.

Why is brand aesthetic important?

A brand aesthetic refers to the visual appearance of your website or blog, which helps to identify and recognize the personality of your brand. Brand aesthetic helps in aligning your social channels to ensure and maintain consistency. Having a unique and personalized style aids you in standing apart from your competitors, especially on platforms like Facebook or Instagram, where visual content plays a major role, in registering your brand presence in the minds of the people. Having  a collective style and pattern across different social media channels leads to credibility for your consumers, as well as keep the employees on the same page regarding any changes and that ensures consistency.

Tips to create brand aesthetic

  1. Know your business and target audience – The first step in creating a brand aesthetic is knowing your brand persona and if that’s clear as a crystal, then voila you know how to create your brand aesthetic. It depends how you want to convey your brand as, something chic, modern, bold, joyful or serious and what values do you want your consumers to gauge of you. It’s always a better idea to mix and match your styles and regularly update your brand aesthetic…not only it helps in creating novelty but also lends different interesting hues to your consumers, by pleasantly surprising them.

    What is important here, is all the audience to whom you are catering to, what choices and preferences do they have and most importantly what kind of behavior do they reflect towards your brand aesthetic and here is where analytics can play a very important role to help you gauge the correct metrics and we at Zivanta Analytics can help you exactly do that.

  1. Opting for attractive color palettes or filters- Visual imagery is all about creating impressionable posts, by displaying attractive colorful pictures and providing uniformity to your posts. To improve the look and feel of your posts, you can opt for various hues or filers on your feed for instance opting for retro or contemporary hues, whatever suits your brand persona. You can build your own business identity by using color palettes by mixing and matching different colors, to give a consistent feel to your posts.
  2. Posting content that gels with your brand identity- It always pays to display your content in a quirky yet impressionable manner, so why not display pictures of your products or services in a flat lay off manner to attract the attention of your customers. If your posts are catchy enough to gain attention and resonate with your followers, then you might be in luck as they can act as your brand ambassadors, if they re-post your content on their Instagram account, then not only your customer interaction base increases but also you’ll have user generated content that’s organic and real. You too can do the same, when you post content of your customers and followers, that’s called as UGC (User generated content), this helps in building a healthy relationship based on trust and awareness; UGC offers amazing benefits for your business, as these days many prospective customers are first likely to evaluate original experiences of the users who have used your products or undertaken your services, and if it is all positive, then this makes you trustworthy and authentic.
  3. Having a toolkit ready for your aesthetic resources – Once the basic toolkit of your preferred and chosen fonts, designs, styles and colors is selected, for your brand aesthetic, it’s important to have them all in one place. If you have a ready toolkit for your workers, associates and yourself then you can easily access any ready templates, formats, fonts and fillers for posting your content. There are many free and economical resources to save and create your library of images, for instance you can use Google Drive, Dropbox, Citrix or Onedrive, etc. Here you can build catalog of your different posts and save them securely.
  4. Create a branded Hashtag for your business – A branded hashtag acts as a differentiating factor for your business apart from other business entities and helps you reach out to new customers, as well as help in generating higher social media engagement. For instance, in Redbull’s #PutACanOnIt campaign, in here the company engaged its customers by asking them to put a creative spin on Redbull cans and take pictures of the same. This not only encouraged other brands like Pepsi, Perrier, etc. to come up with something that interesting but also showed successfully the overwhelming popularity of organic campaigns and user-generated content.

Let’s have a look at some successful examples of Instagram Brand Aesthetics:

1. Nike @ 122.7 Million followers

Nike quite often features sportsperson for their campaigns, which not only beautifully captures the human emotion but also creates a relationship between the customers and brand.

2. Colourpop Cosmetics @ 9.8 M followers

Colourpop is a cosmetic brand based out of LA and cleverly delivers what their customers would want to see on Instagram; they have a variety of product-related posts, swatches, tutorials, influencers using their product, etc. Their images are colorful, catchy, and leave an impression on the users.

3. Doug the Pug @ 4M followers

This is undoubtedly one of the most famous dogs’ Instagram handle worldwide, this dog is known for its unique pictures with colorful costumes and droopy tongue, thus engaging the users with their cute content.

4. Fabletics @ 1.7 M followers

Having established self as trustworthy, performance-oriented, focused on good quality, and being contemporary at the same time, knows how to use Instagram well for their promotion and user engagement. The main point of posting pictures on their Instagram handle is the fact that they promote positive imagery by posting pictures of their customers looking good, while they are exercising.

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