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Entrepreneurs and Digital Marketing….. A Match Made in Heaven

Being an entrepreneur isn’t an easy job at all. Period!! Not only does it take vision, relentless efforts and untiring steps to make an impact on the world but an unending desire and a burning desire to make a positive impact on the world in any way possible. Having said that, all these efforts will bear fruit only if, the right audience is aware about it and is in the know-how of your initiatives and its impact on them. This can happen if you follow and adopt a well thought of digital marketing strategy, which has become all the more important now due to the pandemic, as more and more people are on the web and that’s where you have to target them. With every company having a digital presence be it e-commerce websites like Amazon to smaller startups, it goes on to show the underlying importance of a digital marketing plan. One of the main advantages of incorporating digital marketing is that entrepreneurs have huge leverage to gain higher returns on investment (ROI).

So let’s have a look as to why Digital Marketing is important for all the ‘Toughies’ out there:

  1. It helps in building brand reputation- Digital marketing helps bring your brand to the fore and gains traction amongst your targeted audience. Since, digital marketing helps generate leads, therefore a natural outcome should be higher sales and resultant revenue, but all of this happens if the customers find your marketing efforts to be convincing enough and are satisfied with the quality and authenticity of your goods/services. This shall work both ways for you, one that if your marketing campaign is successful and hits a chord with your customers then not only will that make your business successful and profitable but also they shall spread positive feedback amongst others…so what is it!!! ‘Hitting two birds with one stones’!!!
  2. Targeting your audience and enabling conversation- A properly planned digital marketing strategy helps you in gaining leads, i.e. the ones who will invest in your products or services offered. With its help you can narrow down your search by focusing on the people who seem interested and one way to do is with the use of pay-per-click (PPC) advertizing. Since PPC ads tend to get displayed along with search results, they are placed so to entice the consumers to click on them and narrow their searches. This approach is targeted to attract a specific niche of consumers and enabling them to land on your webpage.

Digital marketing gives an unparalleled advantage, i.e. it enables direct and live interaction between the buyer and the seller in real time. You can and should take ample advantage of platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to understand your audience and their reactions. This will not only help you in getting close to them but also receive their valuable feedback, which shall help you in better strategizing and giving quality customer service and experience.

  1. Higher ROI- Digital marketing offers various analytics metrics which will enable you in tracking your progress in a timely manner and re-route your strategy by making informed decisions. Once you get a hang of what exactly is happening and what should have happened you can map out the incongruencies and save on your precious monetary resources. This shall help you in gaining and saving more than the traditional forms of marketing, thus ensuring a higher ROI. With this in place you can market and position yourself better on other social media channels and forums which shall enable you to gain visibility and exposure. Digital marketing is one such resource which enables you to earn much higher ROI as compared to conventional marketing channels.
  2. Call to action- Being an entrepreneur, the onus solely lies on you to bring in creative and engaging strategies to attract and retain customers on your website. Once done that it is to be ensured that many of them actually invest in whatever services you are offering to them. Though, there are several ways to convert visitors into full fledged customers, CTA’s are one amongst them, these are of various kinds for instance sign up button, download button, subscribe button, email tab, buy tab etc., all these are dependent and varying on whatever services you offer. You should ensure the correct placement of proper ‘action keywords’, which have a different color coding and attract the customers, after all, these are those small details which set you apart and impress the users.

 Since the last decade, digital marketing has gained immense importance and has become a part of life for nearly every major business type and being an entrepreneur who is out in the field be it even if you are a seasoned one or a newbie, a proper digital marketing strategy should be your strong foundation, which shall propel you ahead. Not only you are able to build brand awareness but also generate higher profits in the future by giving an amazing customer service to your future leads.

Once you understand the dynamics of digital marketing, then there shall be no looking back for you and one day you too shall be counted amongst the giants like Amazon or Trivago….wishing you all the very best in your entrepreneurial journey.

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