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Digital Marketing in 2021 – Watch Out for Upcoming Changes

With the year 2020, nearly on the verge of being rounded up, it’s time to peak out of the window and gauge the upcoming market trends to understand and be prepared for the future and gain competitive advantage over your competitors. Being ready before hand can shape your strategic position and communications and help evolve a business design which can facilitate your interaction with the targeted audience and yield the desired results for you; because the audience per se, these days though can be geographically scattered but the time they spend across various social media handles makes them a positive point for generation of loyal customers. A lesson in point was this year 2020, where people weren’t prepared for the severity of COVID and hence, their business plans got derailed and many suffered from unexpected losses, therefore, as they say, a stitch in time saves nine.

Trends to look out for in 2021

  1. Artificial Intelligence and AI powered Chat-bots – AI today is all-pervasive, across all business fields and sectors, and whose importance can’t be undermined, to say the least. AI-powered tools help to analyze data sets, track communications, enhance productivity, help in streamlining, predict consumer behavior and pattern predictions’, etc. Therefore, spending money on AI is an investment for your company’s bright future. Though, money shouldn’t be an overwhelming issue for you, as we at Zivanta Marketing understand the demands of upcoming businesses and non-profits and therefore offer cutting edge AI-powered suggestions to you in your budget.

       Investing in a personalized and a spontaneous customer support option that promptly responds to queries of your customers and engages your on-site page visitors, this can boost your prospects and convert tentative leads into permanent customers. It shall also help in gathering data about the most-asked questions and communication patterns.

(P.C. – Unsplash, @markuswinkler)

2. Trends for shoppable posts – With companies, especially the ones belonging to the e-commerce sector, actively using Social media platforms to directly promote their products or services or they engage a popular influencer to endorse their services, this results in the fact that the audience or the user wants a stream-lined buying experience, i.e. buying only via one social media platform and avoiding the hassle of screen shifting. Least to say, Social media has emerged as one of top marketplaces for the consumers, for instance platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, Whatsapp, all have emerged as online shopping arenas.

(P.C.-  Unsplash, @laurachouette)

3. Video marketing trend – Video marketing is going to prove to be a backbone for digital marketing firms in the year 2021, not only does visibility build trust but it also creates and presents a visual imagery in the minds of the users and your targeted audience, thus, imprinting your brand value or message in their memory. Visual cues always generate curiosity and this works for the organizations and more-so, if the content has been curated as per the tastes of the targeted audience, therefore, making DIY videos, consumer interactive stories, animated videos, styling videos, influencer featured videos, etc. can create an indelible impression on the minds of the users and influence them to buy your offerings.

(P.C. – Unsplash, @brookelark)

4. Google Apps- Tools designed for smart bidding – There’s a heavy dependency of Google Ads on machine learning to streamline an organization’s bidding attempts so that they achieve and realize the maximum value on the conversion. The intensifications reported at Google Marketing Live have allowed those bids, which were seen before with the capability to pick conversion activities to the extent of campaigning manifestation.

5. Interactive Content Trend- Content has always been the king and nothing ever said can lessen the importance of it. Interactive content like AR/VR videos, live quizzes, polls, all tend to capture the interest of the targeted audience and ensure maximum customer engagement. This not only ensures more time spent by the users on web engagement, longer time stayed on the website, but also enhances direct communication, thus building trust and opening new channels of communication. This ultimately enhances your brand awareness and increases reputation.

With the year 2020, throwing unprecedented challenges, it is always better to amp up your digital marketing strategy and stay ahead of your competitors. These were just some of the trends we have highlighted which, if focused upon can yield amazing results for you and our team at Zivanta Analytics shall guide you in further re-defining your digital marketing strategy and ensure that you stay ahead of the curve.

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