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Digital Marketing as a tool for Brand Building - Zivanta Analytics

Digital Marketing as a tool for Brand Building

A brand is all about what people say about you when you are not in the room. The million dollar question here is “Can we in any way influence and shape the conversation that takes place in our absence?”

Michael William Krzyzewski is an American basketball player and coach at Duke University. He is regarded as America’s most successful basketball coach of all times. He interestingly was able to link his stakeholders comprising of recruiters, players, and fans to the brand promise. Michael William was able to deliver on his promise of a path to a career in basketball and even winning championships with the help of his website and adhering to techniques of digital marketing.

In today’s technology driven era, digital channels provide a positive environment to building a brand. One of the very basic activity associated with digital marketing is helping to ‘bring a brand to life’. As dependency on technology is increasing globally, digital marketing tools are gaining immense popularity as a fantastic tool for brand building. A basketball, baseball or rugby coach in order to have a solid brand has to first focus on enhancing customer experience through the help of digital marketing.

The advantages of utilizing digital marketing as a tool for brand building are:

  • Get targeted results:
    Online marketing can help in focusing on the important issues like zeroing on the right market and right consumer. A dedicated approach aimed at the targeted consumer can help make things easy. A regular update on social media, web content, SEO can be profitably used to reach out to specific demographics and particular geographic regions.
  • Increase of digital footprint:
    The use of technology has greatly increased over the past few decades. People are accessing more content digitally using their laptops, mobile phones, tablets etc. A brand can be easily brought to live by using the proper content, user experience and engaging with the audience through social media to name a few.
  • Delivering on promise and purpose:
    For a coach, the target audience should feel connected to the common dream of winning championships, a path to an NBA career and riches to name a few. They should be able to relate that a brand connection is the doorway to their individual’s goals of landing with top colleges, top recruiters, or becoming a great player. Proper digital branding can create an environment that will help bridge the gap.
  • Enhancing Brand Loyalty:
    Digital marketing helps in building brand loyalty. It makes stakeholders aware of the reason behind accepting and sticking to the brand. In order to build brand loyalty reaching out to the hearts, minds and lives of the stakeholders is necessary. Creating more exciting ways to engage with target audience should be a priority.

Digital brand building is a tool that helps garner faith right from the first visit to the website, to email newsletter to the Facebook or LinkedIn page. A brand is far more important than just a logo or an image. It is something which creates an imprint in the mind of customers.

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